Friday, July 1, 2022

Ben Jerry's Topped Tiramisu vs Dublin Mudslide

[New for 2021] Long, long, ago when I tried Dublin Mudslide in 2010, I thought it reminded me of Tiramisu. Flash forward to 2022 and Dublin Mudslide has returned as a fan favorite... and now I can compare it to Ben & Jerry's official take on Tiramisu. Let's have a little fun with...

Ben & Jerry's Topped Tiramisu Ice Cream 
Mascarpone Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Shortbread Pieces
topped with Espresso Fudge Chunks & Chocolatey Ganache

Geez, Dublin Mudslide is still delicious despite the coffee factor. I think it's the overall complexity of the flavor profile that really hooks you in. It's like "Am I tasting coffee or just some ridiculously rich cookie? " Who knows? Who cares?

Time for the other pint... but can I make it through the top layer of tiramisu? The ice cream underneath is melting on this hot summer day but the delicious fudge topping is staying together... whoa that's rich and delicious!

(Disclaimer: I probably should have had a few potato chips between these two samplings) The base ice cream is definitely a lot less potent in this pint.... and does this remind me of tiramisu? ummmm, can I go with no? 

Ewww, oh, don't eat those espresso flakes by themselves... bleck! well, unless you like that kind of thing....   does it remind me more of tiramisu now? still gonna go with a no.

I almost feel like I should mix the two, but I'm pretty full so that will have to wait until next time.

On Second Scoop: ...and there goes half a pint of Dublin Mudslide. So good! As for the tiramisu... you disappoint me so. You don't really remind me of how awesome real Tiramisu can be, nor do you wow like Dublin mudslide. I will not be buying you again. Bu-bye.

Verdict?  DM lives on, Tiramisu disappoints
Buy Again?  only one is worthy of your money


Allie B said...

I have to ask. Where where where did you find Dublin Mudslide? I became aware of its existence about a month before it was sent to the flavor graveyard and never got to try it, so I've been looking everywhere I go in case I see it. No luck yet.

I found the Topped Tiramisu to be a disappointment too, but that could be because I remember how much I loved Volun-Tiramisu, and Topped just didn't live up to it.

Dubba Scoops said...

Not sure, should be everywhere (I got mine from Hannaford)

Chris Invierno said...

As a huge Dublin Mudslide fan, Tiramisu is definitely also worth your money IMO

@SnackForagers said...

Both are pretty pedestrian…….

Dubba Scoops said...

Wow, talk about opposites in those last two comments, but hey, we're all different!

Chris, I'm guessing you are a fan of coffee ice cream in general? :)

SF, I worry that not enough ice cream companies are making you happy these days :(

@Snackforagers said...

Dubba. Enough do for the most part. I’m just not blown away with much of retail anymore but I think many overcomplicate things when they shouldn’t and Vice Versa.