Thursday, March 31, 2022

Ben & Jerry's Chewy Gooey Cookie Ice Cream

[New for 2022] Everyone remembers I hate coconut right? It's just not my thing, so why did I buy this? More importantly, how did I enjoy it??

Ben & Jerry's Chewy Gooey Cookie Ice Cream
milk chocolate & coconut ice creams with fudge flakes,
shortbread cookies & caramel swirls

I have to admit, that's a good looking start

I hope this picture throws off a candy bar vibe!

I think my plan was to take a few bites and then hope my wife would finish this one, but then I took those few bites and thought "oh crud, I actually like this!"

Whoever put this one together did an excellent job (was it my favorite flavor guru John? maybe!). We get the sweetness of the coconut, but we don't get the coconut flakes that I don't like. Instead, it's the shortbread cookies adding some very fun texture here. 

Now, also add in the sweetness of the coconut ice cream plus the sweetness of the caramel swirls, and this one tastes like a delicious candy bar (and I despise coconut candy bars). How do I like this one so much?

On Second Scoop: It wasn't a fluke, I genuinely like this one. In fact, I've been using it to spice up other flavors. My greatest creation? This plus a strawberry ice cream plus a cookie dough ice cream. Yeah, it was crazy good. Feel free to use that idea Ben & Jerry's.

Verdict?  quite good!
Buy Again?  sure!

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  1. Awesome! I love coconut, so I'm happy this delivered. These are all of the same ingredients used to make a Girlscout's Samoa cookie, so were they trying to reinvent that cookie in ice cream form?

  2. Intriguing.I personally love coconut, but I have family that can't stand the texture. Sounds like an ice cream that we should all be coconuts about.

  3. I could be wrong, but I think the intent was to replicate the Samoa girl scout cookies. Does this flavor in any way remind you of that taste?

  4. You could certainly argue that this is going for a girl scout cookie vibe, but I want to say that being in ice cream form rather than cookie form lends itself to having a more wide ranging appeal (aka I'd rather have this than the cookie, but I was never a huge Samoa cookie fan anyway).

  5. My mouth is watering! Can I ask where you found it? I haven't seen it in stores anywhere. I hadn't even heard of it till now. (I knew there was a reason I love this blog!)

    Maybe your thing about coconut is like my older brother's. He likes the flavor but loathes the texture. Me, I like it all normally, but I was never a fan of the big flakes in other B&J ice cream flavors with coconut, so I'm excited that this one doesn't include them.

  6. Should pop up everywhere, just keep searching! (Hannaford for me)

  7. I found mine at Shoprite. It definitely was a much milder flavor than the Samoa cookie which is my fav cookie. My pint was mostly chocolate I got very little coconut or caramel flavor unfortunately

  8. To EndlessUniverse:

    I don't think it resembled a Samoa very much. The problem is that they used a regular coconut base rather than a toasted coconut base. This was disappointing to me as I've tried toasted coconut ice cream in the past and it has been delicious. The ice cream is still quite good, but it was not reminiscent of a Samoa (at least to me).

  9. Thank you both for the clarification


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