Sunday, April 3, 2022

Heritage Kulfi Premium Ice Cream

[New for 2021] Back in mid February, the founder of the young Heritage Kulfi premium ice cream brand sent me an email asking if I would like to try their unique take on ice cream. To be honest, I was a little hesitant to say yes. On the one hand, I was afraid that I wouldn't know how to interpret these uncommon flavors. On the other hand, I didn't want to turn down the chance to try them. So, I accepted his gracious offer and now it's time to try....

Heritage Kulfi Premium Ice Cream
(not shown: pistachio and coconut)

I always appreciate pint seals!

I tried Vanilla Bean first and it's good. It's definitely more dense than a typical premium vanilla ice cream, so that will effect how you interpret the flavor. Awhile back, I went through this fun world tour of different vanillas (review here) and this reminds me of that. I want to say it's more aromatic than a typical vanilla. Maybe that's the wrong word, but I kind of expected this certain flavoring amongst the unique Kulfi flavors.

Rosewater: I know many people think it's silly, but I do like to smell ice creams before I taste them sometimes, at least when it comes to unique flavors. Well, this one definitely smells like roses. I take a few bites and it kind of taste like roses too. My limited culinary background doesn't know how to feel about this.

Saffron: I was not expecting the bright coloring here. Hmmmm. Ok, I need to come back to this one since I think the rosewater threw me off a bit too much.

Ok, I need a break to recalibrate >>> ok, truth in blogging time. I tried the rest of the flavors after those first two but I didn't know how to process them. So, I waited a few weeks until I was ready to try again. During this break time, my daughter came home for spring break and I had her try all of these. She too wasn't sure how to interpret the flavors, but she did come up with the clever idea of mixing different flavors to see how they would pair together. Let's get back to it.

(the seal on the earl grey broke during transport)

I've had Earl Grey ice cream before from both Tea-rriffic and Van Leeuwen, but both of those incorporated eggs. [Wait, did I forget to mention that Heritage Kulfi doesn't use eggs? Well, they don't! They also have minimal air overrun which gives them a dense texture.] It's fairly easy to get in to this once since I used to be a huge iced tea drinker. They do mix in a little bit of orange blossom which is unexpected. The funny thing is that the flavoring almost tricks your brain in to thinking that this is more of a sorbet than an ice cream. I do wonder how this one would taste with chocolate chips or maybe some nuts... or maybe put it in a pretzel cone! 

You know what Cardamom Chai reminds me of? It took a few minutes, but it reminds me of a gingerbread flavor! Technically it's "Assam black tea leaves steeped in cardamom and chai", but it definitely shares that vibe thrown off by gingerbread flavors. Hmmmm. Ok, then. I wonder if this one could go in to a breakfast sundae?

You know what? I think I actually like the Alphonso Mango now. There's a lightness to the flavoring if you just gently scoop the top of the pint. It's not orange creamsicle ofcourse, but there is a nice familiar balance between the mango and the cream going on here. 

What have we learned? Don't try the most unique flavor first and then try all the others after. In fact, don't try them all at once at all maybe, at least not without a break and something salty and some water. Let each flavor do what it needs to do. I'm sorry I rushed earlier. 

To take that a step further, I just tried the Saffron again and I liked that too! There's kind of this fun sweetness to it. See, this is what On Second Scoop has been about for almost 14 years. Ice cream first impressions are great, but they don't always tell the whole story. Maybe you get a bum pint or have a bad day or just aren't in the mood for something. You need to be open to trying things again. I was hesitant, but I went back in there, and now I fully understand what the Heritage Kulfi team is trying to do. Big thanks to them for trusting me with these free samples. I wish them the best of luck!

Verdict?  unique!

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Kotoko said...

Going off topic but have you considered buying an ice cream maker like Ninja and see how it compares?

Dubba Scoops said...

Not 100% sure what you mean, but if it helps, I used to post my failed homemade ice creams on the blog. You can find them here: