Saturday, February 19, 2022

Ben & Jerry's Topped Chocolate Milk & Cookies

[New for 2022] I headed to Hannaford with the hopes of finding the new Noosa flavors. The good news is that I found them. The better news is that I also found new Ben & Jerry's flavors!

Ben & Jerry's Topped Chocolate Milk & Cookies Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip Cookies & Chocolate Cookie Swirls
Topped with Milk Chocolatey Ganache & Fudge Chips

Ooooooo, looks good!

And that looks even better!

At first I thought it was chocolate "milk & cookies", but no no no, this one is "chocolate milk" & cookies, and it's delicious. So very delicious. It's got a super rich milk chocolate flavor with an amazing texture from all the mix-ins. It reminds me of a milkshake in all the best ways. Yeah, this one needs to be a repeat purchase immediately. Maybe tomorrow. And also the day after.

Note: There is a Moophoria flavor with the same name. Don't eat that stuff. Eat this one.

Have I made my point yet? This one is delicious from start to finish. No, you'll never get a super strong cookie flavoring, but the cookies are about texture, not taste, and I thank them for their service here. Serious, I loved every bite of this one and that hasn't happened recently. I wanted to eat the whole pint... but I did not.

On Second Scoop: so so very good. The delicious chocolate overload definitely makes me think of chocolate therapy (or maybe even flourless chocolate cake). Man this one is dialed in well, at least for us chocolate lovers. Granted, I like some texture to go with my flavor, so this one feels like it's kind of aimed at me anyway. Excellent job on this one.

Verdict?  Amazing
Buy Again?  on my next trip to the store

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  1. Creme Brulee flavor should be next for topped line.

  2. It's chocolate, chocolate, chocolate with nothing to break through all of that richness. I'm surprised you enjoyed this. 1) This is very similar to The Tonight Dough, so I wonder why some one would pick this over that? 2) What difference would it have been if it were Chocolate "Milk and Cookies" as you assumed instead of "Chocolate Milk" and Cookies?

  3. Have I given the impression that I don't enjoy a chocolate overload? hmmm, ok, maybe I have, and if so, I apologize for that. I think it depends on the quality of the overload and not just the quantity :)

    To me, this is nothing like the tonight dough. That mixes in caramel ice cream in an attempt to highlight the flavor of all the cookie dough (and in my opinion, fails at that). This here is going for a rich chocolate milk vibe with a great cookie enhanced texture.

    Chocolate "Milk & Cookies" would have just been a chocolate topped version of my beloved Milk & Cookies.

  4. Thank you for clarifying, and I apologize if I came off wrong. I once combined chocolate milk and Oreos, and it was surprisingly horrible because the dark chocolate from the cookies fought against the chocolate milk. So, sometimes a chocolate overload isn't as amazing as it may seem. What I meant was that I was surprised you enjoyed this, not because I thought you didn't like chocolate or a chocolate overload, but because I thought the different types of chocolate would fight against each other. However, I'm glad I am wrong because now I want to try it. So, thank you. 😊

    1. I know exactly why you mean. Getting "death by chocolate" right is surprisingly hard to do. One place that nails it for me is Cold Stone with their Chocolate Devotion.

  5. No problem! this is definitely one of those cases where the chocolate line up and become an excellent combo!

  6. Texas is so slow with new flavors coming over

  7. You completely missed the mark in this one. I love Milk and Cookies, but this was just chocolate. No cookie flavor whatsoever. Who cares about the texture if one taste overpowers all the others?

  8. does "you" mean me or does it mean Ben & Jerry's? you (as in you) should clarify :)

  9. This flavor is trash...the regular Milk & Cookies is great, but this one is a huge step back.


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