Saturday, November 20, 2021

Baskin-Robbins Snickerdoodle Chai Ice Cream

[New for Nov 2021] Recently I've been asking people if their 2021 has been any better than 2020, and in general, everyone seems to agree that 2021 isn't any better. Yes somethings are better, but then there seems to be match of things that are worse. That said, one of the bright spots has been these cool Baskin-Robbins packages that have been arriving at the beginning of the month. I dig what the marketing team is doing here and I can't wait to try....

Baskin-Robbins Snickerdoodle Chai Ice Cream
vanilla chai flavored ice cream contains chewy snickerdoodle dough pieces
and a cinnamon streusel swirl

Mmmmm, snickerdoodles. I should bake some...

I usually skip this shot (because dry ice), but I am intrigued.

If that doesn't get ya....

Wow, this one tastes like the holidays. The chai part had me a little afraid, but I am impressed. It's spicy but not too spicy (cinnamon spicy not pepper spicy). It's both well balanced and well rounded. And then we have some nice snickerdoodle chunks in the mix!

Honestly, I was kind of hooked from the first scoop. It wasn't an instant love per say, but more like "whoa, what is this unique ice cream on my spoon? I need to keep going!" 

So yeah, I like this one. It's different and in a good way. It makes you think of putting up the Christmas tree or sitting in front of a fire or watching a movie on a snowy winter's night. We don't get flavors like this too often, so give it a shot while you can!

On Second Scoop: Ok, this one was a little less exciting today, but I think that's on me. Next time I will let it temper a bit more so that the spices have a chance to kick in a little better. I did get some bites of just plain base this time, and to be honest, I don't get a ton of flavor from it. I think it's really about just being a mild backdrop to bring all the other flavors together.

History Note: the only other chai flavor on the blog is this Talenti Vanilla Chai flavor

Verdict?  good!
Buy Again?  I would!

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