Friday, November 26, 2021

Milk Bar Pie Ice Cream

[New for 2021] Milk Bar has joined other high profile ice cream shops that have decided to branch in to your local freezer aisle. There are currently five regular flavors and two limited editions that are available. In my case, I found all 7 at my local Whole Foods. I was leaning towards heavily towards the seasonal stuff, but then I decided to hold off and go with....

Milk Bar Pie Ice Cream
deep vanilla ice cream with gooey butter filling and toasted oat crust

Removing the red seal reveals an ice cream with potential

I take my first few bites and honestly, I don't know how to feel about this ice cream. It's definitely got a candy bar vibe to it, but the various components are throwing me off a little. Let's give it a few more minutes to melt.

There's definitely a lot going on here. Am I getting a brittle vibe or a toffee vibe or a...  maybe a little of everything vibe? Granted, I picked the one that has a "gooey butter filling" so why am I surprised that I'm getting a butter popcorn vibe?

Honestly, that may be the best way to describe this one. Plus, it's growing on me. Plus+, it's way better than those junky branded cookies they put on stores shelves (I'm sorry, but those cookies do not deserve to carry the milk bar name).

This pint does have lots of texture which I'm always up for. I have a suspicion that whole foods wasn't super gentle with this pint (the ice cream freezer section was littered with icy pints), but any icyness is mild and I will happily continue to sample this one.

On Second Scoop: While the flavors don't line up exactly, I would like to say that I would rank this one above Ample Hills Ooey Gooey Butter Cake and below Jeni's Gooey Butter Cake. All three are rich and buttery, but there's enough difference to rank them. The Milk Bar isn't as overpowering as the Ample Hills version, but I have to give Jeni's the advantage for dialing it in perfectly. There are moments here where it's borderline too rich or borderline too buttery. Granted, there are probably times when you want a little more diversity from bite to bite (which you get here), but I would still put Jeni's first on this particular setup. 

If you've tried this one, be sure to leave a comment on what you thought! There will be another milk bar review coming soon.

Verdict?  rich
Buy Again?  yes

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Candivore said...

Thanks for the review Dubba, and I agree with you on the trash cookies. Your note on the pints not be handled well made me wonder, what do you look for to avoid a bad pint due to improper handling?

Dubba Scoops said...

I look for ice/frost (usually on the higher end stuff) or I also look for damaged containers that have melted ice cream on them (mainstream stuff).

or to be a cynic: if something is on sale, figure out why -- I might see turkey hill on sale but then notice the containers are damaged and some look like they melted a little. it's on sale so we don't complain (this is just my theory, I have only anecdotal evidence)

Candivore said...

Thank you sir. I have the same suspicions you do when it comes to sales. Especially If the expiration date isn't soon.

Kotoko said...

Whole foods has em for 4.99 not sure if that's a good sale but went ahead and bought the ginger cookie and pb chocolate

AmyJ said...

Three thoughts on this:

1. I appreciate your noting that it is hard to put your finger on the exact flavor of this. That was my experience too.

2. I've had this point several times and most times (not all!) there have been significant caramel pools. It looks like your pint didn't have any. Is that right?

3. The calories on this seem astonishingly low: 220 for 2/3rds of a cup. Because this is a faux pint (14 oz.), that would make the pint 570 calories total. That's an amazing bargain for such a rich-tasting pint. Too good to be true?

Dubba Scoops said...

@Kotoko: I paid $5.99, so a dollar off ain't bad

@Amy: There were bigger spots of caramel near the bottom, not sure if I remember any "pools" though. Also, that's an excellent point about the calories, one I probably should have pointed out. Basically you are getting mainstream calories but a premium level flavor. We've seen a few companies dabble in this area, but I would argue that they're doing a respectable job with their initial line up here.

PDL said...

I just saw these at the fresh market, where I had gone specifically to purchase a few pints of Jeni’s. The cornflake marshmallow one is good, I will purchasing again…probably very shortly.