Sunday, October 31, 2021

Van Leeuwen Honeycomb Ice Cream

I've been walking past Van Leeuwen for years and it's time I finally review them. See, a few weeks ago, I had their vanilla ice cream over at my in-laws and I realized that I have waited way too long to try them. That tasty pint convinced me that it's time to plop down $5.99 for...

Van Leeuwen Honeycomb Ice Cream
(no official "simple" description)

despite having a clear seal on top, I see a bit of ice

Looks good!

It only takes one bite to realize that this one is quite good. The sweetness and the flavor are really nice here. I would easily recommend this flavor without hesitation.

That said, are you wondering what it tastes like? Well, it doesn't take like honey, that's for sure! Ofcourse, that may sound like a slight, but it's not. The pint specifically says: "Despite being called honeycomb, it’s not made from any honey at all. It’s made with caramel candy." Should this be called sponge candy instead then? hehehehe, ok, I'm no baking expert, and reading this article only somewhat helped explain the difference.

Babbling aside, this ice cream is excellent despite being served in a "faux pint" (14oz instead of 16oz). I spent my bites trying to figure out if there was a little added texture from the caramel candy bits, but my pint definitely didn't have any giant noticeable chunks in it.

In fact, most of my texture came from these silly Halloween animal crackers I bought. I thought it would make for a fun sundae, and while the ice cream is quite good on it's on, the added texture from the cookies is both welcome and enjoyable.

I look forward to finishing this pint (probably tomorrow).

On Second Scoop: Goodbye.... until I buy you again! I have definitely enjoyed this one, but without the animal cookies in the mix, I would definitely be willing to argue if this one is just a bit too sweet. Don't get me wrong, the sweetness is very enjoyable, but it's teeter-tottering on the border of too sweet. I'm sure I will buy this one again, but I might wind up mixing it with some plain vanilla to dial down the flavor a little.

Verdict?  very tasty
Buy Again?  yes!

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ibagoalie said...

If it was too sweet on it's own, I would think it would be over the top with the added frosted cookies? Plain shortbread cookies, would be my choice.

Dubba Scoops said...

Fair enough, but technically I think they were still less sweet than the ice cream :)

I did the frosted cookies for the sake of the visuals but I would definitely go with a more sensible cookie the second time around.