Sunday, October 24, 2021

Nabisco Dessert Toppings

[New for 2021] Sorry, I picked these up a month ago and forgot to talk about them... well, at least you'll get my long term opinion without having to wait for it. Plus, I haven't done a toppings review in forever (not that there were a ton of them to begin with, but ignore that part).

OREO and Chips Ahoy! Dessert Toppings

Wait, that's just Oreo chunks!

And crushed Chips Ahoy!

Honestly, I expected the pieces to be a bit more broken up. I know it's not a terribly complicated concept, but I expected a little extra effort, not "let's sweep the dropped ones off the floor".

I kid, I kid! Obviously this is on purpose, but it's just surprising. Maybe I was expecting crushed mini Oreos and smaller chips ahoy. In reality, you are getting what you paid for. You wanted authentic cookie flavor and you can't get much more authentic then this.

On Second Scoop: despite my initial misgivings, it has been amusing having these in the cabinet for the last month. I definitely lean towards the chip ahoy version more (because it's more broken up and it goes better with my cookie dough ice cream), but they are both fun. It's definitely a throwback to my childhood when I was constantly smashing Chips Ahoy cookies to put in my ice cream.

Verdict?  bigger chunks then expected
Buy Again?  chips ahoy maybe

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