Friday, July 30, 2021

Baskin-Robbins Beach Day Ice Cream

[New for July 2021] A few weeks ago, the PR firm for Baskin-Robbins asked me if I would be interested in joining their Flavor Insiders program. The program sends you a free pint of the upcoming flavor of the month. My answer was an immediate "YES!". I've had a lot of fun going to Baskin-Robbins over the years but it's not always the easiest place for me to get to.

Baskin-Robbins Beach Day Ice Cream
blue sea salt vanilla ice cream with graham cracker sand,
caramel filled chocolate turtles and frosting flecks

I never expected such a fun box...

with a happy message....

and such informative material...

and one final laugh to boot.

Oh yeah, there was fun ice cream in here too!

This was definitely one of those times where I didn't fully read the description until after eating half the pint. I kept thinking "hmmm, there is a mild saltiness to the flavor, is it coming from the graham?". No no, it was coming from the fun blue base. I tend not to like things that are too salty, but I felt like they kept it pretty well in check. For comparison, it has 10% less salt per serving than Talenti's new pretzel flavor (though that salt is more concentrated in some spots than in others).

Have I mentioned our happy the packaging made me? I assume my enthusiasm is coming through on this post, but it doesn't hurt to point it out. I've gotten a fair amount of ice cream over the years but never has a company put so much thought in to the packaging. I'm trying to figure out how I can save it because it amused me so much. Top notch effort here on BR part and I can't wait for the next shipment (which is coming tomorrow actually... how funny is that?)

Sorry, back to the ice cream. I like it. I'm hoping the second half of the pint has a little more graham in it, but this is definitely a fun flavor that I would have been happy to go to the store for. My only thought at the moment is that it's cuteness is marketed towards kids, but the salt factor makes me think it's more aimed at adults. Any chance any of you have had it? 

On Second Scoop: tomorrow!

Verdict?  different!
Buy Again?  sure!


Fein Dining said...

That is one beautiful promotional package! Hmm... that's pretty bizarre that they'd go for the adult palate paired with the kiddie visual theme. Maybe they're going for adults who still retain their childlike glee?

Rabbit Girl said...

how was the dry ice, both in terms of safety and ease in removal, and in keeping the ice cream in a good state, i know its not light so probably low risk of shrinkage, but still dry ice usually doesn't equal store-bought-level of consistency.

Dubba Scoops said...

It was fine, but there are a few things working in my favor. One, yup, it's heavier than a lot of other brands. Two, it's scooped fresh about an hour or so from my house. Three, they put a ton of dry ice under the cardboard holder, so there's always this very chilly build up behind the pint. Four, it arrives "early" the next morning (10am). It doesn't get much better than that unless someone just wants to dry it over to me.

SnackForagers said...

@Rabbit Girl do you store bought consistency like a scoop shop or retail freezer?

Willington said...

Sea salt ice cream!! Is this Kingdom Hearts? Definitely going to try this when it's fully out

Dubba Scoops said...

Fully out?