Monday, August 2, 2021

Baskin-Robbins Hidden Treasure Ice Cream

[New for August 2021] More Baskin-Robbins? Oh yeah. Nothing like receiving back to back shipments of free ice cream. Good times!

Baskin-Robbins Hidden Treasure Ice Cream
caramel flavored golden coins buried in Belgian chocolate ice cream
with a chocolate cookie swirl

Ta-da! We just covered the box opening the other day with July's Beach Day, so we'll skip right to the good stuff. I do technically think that the July packaging was a bit happier, this is still cool.

I'm always telling people that ice cream is a treasure hehehe.
(also, the inside of the cardboard holder also has coins printed on it, it's a nice touch!)

Oooooo, that looks very dark and rich... and it is! I guess that's what they mean by Belgian chocolate. That's probably the best chocolate ice cream I've had in a long time. Not sure what to compare it to right now. It's robust but doesn't go in to that dark chocolate territory where you might get a little bit of dryness or bitterness.

The swirl is cool tool. I'm heavily focused on the base, but I can feel the swirl enhancing both the flavor and texture. Can't stop thinking about how good this chocolate base is.

To be honest, I'm not sure I love the caramel coins at this moment. They are popping a little too much and distracting me from the other two components. Maybe I will feel differently tomorrow.

On Second Scoop: I'm back from my second scoop and it's as tasty as I remember, and the coins? Well, I think the secret is to have enough ice cream on your spoon so that the caramel doesn't pop too much. You still get that bit of crunch from the coins, but you aren't suddenly taken to far from the rich chocolate flavor. One more note here too. As I sit here typing, I do feel a bit of a lingering salty aftertaste. Yesterday I couldn't tell if it was me or the ice cream, but as I sit here, I think it's the ice cream. I'm going to make one final note on this post once they release the nutrition stats because I want to let you all know if I'm crazy or if maybe this one has a bit more sodium than there usual chocolate offerings. 

Final Notes: 7% of your sodium per 4oz serving. It's pretty subtle, but that's enough to say that the salt is a factor. Also, because this is so flavorful, I've been eating it in small increments to stretch out it's tastiness as long as possible.

Verdict?  so rich!
Buy Again?  Yes!

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