Sunday, June 13, 2021

Magnum Mini Berry Truffle Ice Cream Bar

[New for 2021] Ok, let's cover something that's going to sound a bit more interesting than my last few reviews. So the box says 10 year anniversary on it and I think "Wow, has it been ten years?" According to my first review ten years ago, the answer is yes!

Magnum Mini Berry Truffle Ice Cream Bars
strawberry ice cream with a chocolate ganache swirl dipped in dark chocolate

somewhat specific wrapping

I photgraphed this bar three seperate times before I finally got a clear photo.

First thing you notice is the very tasty, dark chocolate shell. And that's about it. I could taste the berry ice cream a little bit, but just barely. The texture of the ice cream is fine and all, but the little bit of ice cream versus the nice thick shell is just not much of a battle really.

Ha, I just thought of something funny. Look at the packaging again. Notice how there is a small lone strawberry in a sea of dark chocolate? That's pretty much how this one tastes.

I enjoyed my first bar, and since it was small, I quickly grabbed a second one. Yup, just as tasty and just the chocolate fix I needed.

On Second Scoop: Still tasty, still don't taste the berry that much, and I just had one this time. To be honest, Magnum has kind of lost some of that wow factor for me. I know the tubs and fancy and they do have diversity in their lineup, but you all know I love my classic offerings. I've spent three years away from their regular lineup because I was always more concerned with what's new. Eating this bar has reminded me that Magnum can still be a simple yet tasty treat with no gimmicks. This bar, with it's excellent shell, is a nice change from a freezer aisle where things keep getting cheaper and cheaper.

Creative Note: If you are looking to have a more fulfilling experience without grabbing a second bar, try smashing one of these in to a quality vanilla ice cream. It came out really well and I look forward to buying another box so I can try it again.

Verdict?  small but satisfying
Buy Again?  probably!

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Kotoko said...

We need you to review the milk bar ice creams, they getting some rave reviews!

Dubba Scoops said...

yeah, I'll need to get to a whole foods this summer!

Kotoko said...

I went ahead and tried the Cereal Milk and WOW. They did not skimp on the cornflake crunch mix-ins. Crater-like enormous chunks of sweet corn flake goodness. Was so good I finished the whole pint while driving back home in the car. I have the Pie flavored one in the freezer and will try that one later.

Dubba Scoops said...