Saturday, March 13, 2021

Magnum Double Red Velvet Ice Cream

[New for Early 2021] Well, we finally have another Magnum tub using their white chocolate shell (the other being the white chocolate vanilla flavor, reviewed here). Am I excited? Yeah, I am. I love chocolate, but I also love diversity, so I'm curious to see how this combo shakes out.

Magnum Double Red Velvet Ice Cream
cheesecake ice cream with red ganache swirl, red velvet cake crunch,
white chocolate in a white chocolate shell

That's pretty cool looking...  well, except for the white parts. They're a little disturbing. I get concerned when an ice cream is so light that it foams up to the top. I take a bite and I am a little more afraid because it's coming across a little weird. I don't know if it's the ice cream or the white chocolate, but something is giving off a bit of a funk.

Ok, this shot brought you back in to being excited, didn't it? This was a pretty killer looking spoonful if I do say so myself. I wish those cool looking "crunch" bits existed throughout the pint, but unfortunately they only seemed to be at the top. Also, I don't know how crunchy they actually were. They were only at the top with the crunchy shell, so I couldn't tell if they were crunchy or not. Ok, I'll stop saying crunchy.

One of the hardest components to photo is the red ganache swirl. I mean I have pictures, but I'm not sure they are flattering... so I'm not posting them. Yes, the swirl is literally red. Well, dark red anyway. To be honest, I don't love it. It's a bit too potent and I wouldn't eat it by itself. It's just too much by itself. Try to spread it around if you can.

Can you tell where I stand on this one? It's fun, it's different, but it's also a bit... wild? I feel like the white chocolate and swirl are the biggest factors while the cheesecake base is light and not really tuned in here. I guess the gist is that it's supposed to be the cream cheese frosting component of a red velvet cake, but it just doesn't bring the punch that you really want it to have. Not in flavor and not in texture. Can you imagine if the ice cream was something like New Orleans Ice Cream Company's Creola Cream Cheese flavor? BOOM! 

On Second Scoop: And it's gone. That didn't take long. This will sound dumb, but my favorite part is the sound that this one makes. I just love all that fun crackling as you scoop in to the tub. That said, I had the same problem I had yesterday. The first few bites are a little weird. You will settle in, but there's just a bit of... I want to say artificial flavor funk going on. It's not that the ingredient list is terrible, it just comes across oddly. It's still fun and I would still try it, but I don't know if this would go in to a lot of regular flavor rotations out there. ---- Ok, I need to put this one more way. Their regular white chocolate flavor is quite potent. I would say that the red velvet does help balance that potency out. Let me know what you think about this one.

Verdict?  pretty fun
Buy Again?  probably!

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May said...

Where art thou? lol... I've been looking for this all over. (I'm in NJ)

Unknown said...

Magnum is a brand owned by unilever. The same corporate borg that ruined Breyers All Natural ice cream.. Everything that the big U touches seems to turn bad...

Dubba Scoops said...

@May: keep searching!

@Unknown: giant corporations have been cheapening mainstream ice cream for a long time now...