Saturday, March 6, 2021

Turkey Hill Cookie Dough Delight Layered Sundae

[New for 2021] Not to be outdone, by Talenti's 5 layer treats, Turkey Hill is jumping in the single serve sundae game. Our old pal @junkbanter was at a virtual taste testing of these, but I actually already found half of them at Stop & Shop! Let's dig in to...

Turkey Hill Cookie Dough Delight Layered Sundae
vanilla cookie dough ice cream and chocolate cookie dough ice cream
with cookie dough pieces, fudge, and chocolate chip cookies

Top shot might be a little deceiving...
Do you see the cookie dough bits hiding in the ice cream?

The bottom shot is a winner for sure.

I take my first few bites, and to be honest, I'm not impressed. The ice cream isn't wowing me at all unfortunately. It's not frozen dairy dessert, but I was hoping for a bit more flavor and substance.

My second realization is that the cookie bits on top are quite soft, but the bits in the ice cream are pretty dense. I'm not loving the contrast. My personal preference would be for the bits on top to be a little more solid and then the ones in the ice cream to be a little softer.

You know, I think just eating the top is a mistake and I should know better. I gotta get everything on my spoon.... Did it help? I mean, technically, yeah it did. The sauce and chocolate layers aren't amazing, but they are giving me more flavor. Did I really just write that?

I'm not sure what's more shocking, the number of cookie bits or my non-amusement..... I'm a fan of Friendly's Sundae Cups and Blue Bunny's Load'd Sundaes... but technically I don't love either of those either. I feel like both are good ideas that need tweaking, plus neither has benefitted from mainstream ice cream becoming so light and fluffly.

I do think it's growing on me as I continue scooping. The biggest positive is that it's got a better ice cream than Blue Bunny uses, but I would love an even better ice cream here. I would also argue this is a better value than Blue Bunny because it's more filling than the Blue Bunny sundae.

I would say that while not amazing, it was good enough to encourage me to try other flavors and find the one that stands out most. The other flavors are caramel brownie, party cake, strawberry shortcake, chocolate cream pie, cookies & cream, peanut butter cup, and ultimate fudge.

Verdict?  solid snack
Buy Again?  will see if other flavors better

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dubba! I stumbled upon the cookies & cream at my most recent grocery trip and brought it home. It was... alright. I'd certainly agree with your outline here. The topmost ice cream is supposedly cookies & cream, but I honestly only noticed because of the gray tint it gave. The ice cream itself is Fine (but that's about it), and it could've used a thicker and/or more abundant sauce. However, it had more cookie bits than its Friendly's twin, and I'm a sucker for the classic DQ-style ice cream "cake" so I didn't regret the purchase. It was decent enough that I'd be willing to check out the other flavors just to switch things up on occasion, but it's nothing I'm rushing to get in my freezer again.

Rabbit Girl said...

i'd say it needs more bunnies.

Mark said...

Sounds like a Blue Bunny rip off.