Saturday, March 27, 2021

Dolcezza Tramontana & Swiss Chocolate Gelatos

2023 Note: Tramontana (Tr) is now Dulce de Leche & Cookies (Dk)

[New for 2021]
 The last year has been tough on everybody. Overall the family and I are doing pretty good, but one of the random issues for me has been that I haven't been able to keep up with Dolcezza Gelato (their website, my reviews). Their Argentine gelato company is based in D.C. and I can only find them at Roche Bros. Well, guess what? They hit me up on Instagram and asked if I wanted to try free samples of their two newest flavors. Ummm, ofcourse I do!

Dolcezza Tramontana Gelato #020
Dolcezza Swiss Chocolate Gelato #021

You know I'm a sucker for clear containers! Swiss chocolate is milk chocolate gelato with dulce de leche and dark chocolate stracciatella. Tramontana is sweet cream gelato with dulce de leche and dark chocolate pearls. Which would you try first?

I don't usually let them get this melted, but I have been messing around with pictures for a bit. That said, they look quite inviting this way and I'm not sure which one to try first.

Ok, I can't resist and decide to go Swiss Chocolate first.  Yeah, this is good. I can't remember the last time I had a nice stracciatella and it goes really well with the rich chocolate gelato. The dulce de leche? Yup, top notch. It's not too sweet and the consistency is just right despite being in frozen gelato. My only problem is deciding how much swirl I want on my spoon because there is something fun about alternating the texture of every bite.

Time to dig in to Tramontana (aka "The North Wind"). Yup, this one is tasty too. Sweet cream tends to be a fairly mild flavor, so this one doesn't exactly jump out at you despite all the swirl (I mentioned earlier how it's not a super sweet swirl that tries to dominate everything). What does stand out is the dark chocolate pearls. They are super crunchy and for me, they are kind of distracting. It's hard to settle in with all the serious crunching going on. I'm just not used to that big crunch in a sweet cream flavor.

Not sure which is my favorite yet, but I'm glad to get to try something different. The reality is that Talenti has gone from a premium product to a mainstream product so we need a company like Dolcezza to help keep premium gelato alive in the freezer aisle. (Tramontana can replace Caramel Cookie Crunch no problem) Thanks to Dolcezza for sending these over!

Foot note: Apologies for being a bit behind on posting, hopefully I will work towards getting caught up this weekend. On top of the craziness that is 2021, I've been trying to balance out the busyness of my day job by working on a new side project called @BobtheBlueDino

On Second Scoop: I enjoyed these over the weekend, finishing Tramontana on Sunday and Chocolate on Monday. These are good looking flavors that are fun to savor. I even got a bit creative by mixing the last of the Tramontana with some cinnamon life cereal and then I mixed the end of chocolate with some plain vanilla to give it a bit of a milk chocolate vibe. Thankfully I got two of each pint, so I will be enjoying these again in a few weeks (don't want to rush it!).

Verdict?  tasty!
Buy Again?  if and when I can!

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Here's the container with the new name for 2023.


  1. I guess living in the DC area, I don't realize that Dolcezza isn't as ubiquitous in stores as it seems to be here. I do love their stuff!

  2. Just tried the beautiful, I like the swirly caramel with the tiny chocolate balls look. I like the velvety caramel and the hard crunch combo. Sweet indugence...I have Bobby Flay to thank for turning me onto Dolcezza gelato!

  3. Love Dolcezza, but did not care for Tramontana flavors. Both are too gooped up for my taste and absolutely loaded with excess added sugar carbs. Very disappointed that my Whole Foods no longer has Dark or Milk Chocolate flavors in place of these overdone new flavors.


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