Monday, January 18, 2021

Wegman's Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream

We haven't talked about the second trip to Wegman's much. I didn't get a ton, but I did pick up two more pints of their premium ice cream (as opposed to their larger containers of "regular" ice cream). These are usually pretty tasty, so let's take a scoop of....

Wegman's Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream
chocolate ice cream
with marshmallow and caramel swirls and mini caramel cups

Uh oh....

Phew! That's better!

Ok, technically the marshmallow swirls look disappointing at the start here, but I do see the mini caramel cups and a fair amount of caramel. Will it be tasty?

Yup! I'm actually not a huge fan of chocolate and caramel because I feel like they tend to cancel each other out rather than complimenting each other. Well, that's not an issue here. We've got a nice rich chocolate flavor which is then complimented by the sweetness of both the caramel and the marshmallow. I mean, I can't actually taste marshmallow directly, but I do sense it's presence.

This is a surprisingly fun pint once you factor in the mini caramel cups (that's right, it's #funfactor time!). That bit of fun crunch in the flavorful ice cream works really well. I don't feel like we're breaking new ground here, instead we are doing a classic combo the right way. 

I've told you before, you should never underestimate these Wegman's pints! In fact, have I really had a bad one? Nope. If you have a Wegman's in your area, why haven't you tried their pints yet? ('cause I just tried half a pint and it was quite tasty!)

On Second Scoop: While it lost a bit of luster on the second and third scoopings, I still enjoyed this one. I would have loved a bit more mix-ins to keep this one nice and sweet (and fun). Granted there is always the chance that my pint is non-standard and a little light on mix-ins, but if this is a common pint, this makes this pint more of an occasional buy rather than a definite buy.

Verdict?  fun
Buy Again?  sure

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May said...

Unless my pint of this (from a couple years ago) was also non-standard, I think your description was right on— particularly on the almost non-factor of the marshmallow. I just had their Scrapin' the Bowl flavor (Wegmans' take on Half-Baked), and it's like all chocolate with a string of "vanilla" (more like basic sweet cream), a couple small dough bits here and there. Granted, I really like how their chocolate base is rich but mild, and Wegmans' base quality is fantastic, but if they just upped their mix-in game, it'd be fire. (My pint of their Cherry Garcia dupe also suffered, just 4 cherries!)

Meredith said...

You should send Wegmans a suggestion! I've both worked there and have been a lifelong customer and they definitely appreciate suggestions - I've submitted one and gotten an actual response!

Wegmans, man. They're so close to perfect that their small slip-ups seem big. Thing that I learned this week - their pudding is not very good!