Friday, December 4, 2020

Wegman's Shortbread Cookie Ice Cream

It's now December and I'm still doling out what I bought from Wegman's in October. Come on 2021, get here soon! We need you! (for many reasons). Let's dive in to....

Wegman's Shortbread Cookie Ice Cream
sugar cookie flavored ice cream with cookie pieces & festive sprinkles

clear plastic seal removed

What do you think?
(it reminds me of these two Perry's flavors)

So.... my first encounter didn't go in to a bowl, it went in to these ice cream sandwiches. I did snag a quick taste of ice cream by itself and it seems pretty potent (sweetness wise). 

The sandwiches were pretty good as the Pepperidge Farms sugar cookies balanced out the sweet ice cream. I will point out that this is a fairly light ice cream. This isn't a hefty premium ice cream, so you have to be careful not to squish the sandwiches too much (this would be 150 cals per serving by the old 1/2 cup standard)

About an hour or so after sharing those sandwiches, I decided to have some ice cream without the cookies.... but I cheated again. I mixed in some vanilla ice cream because I knew I wasn't in the mood for that much sweetness. It worked, and I did get one or two crunchy cookie pieces, but other than that, I don't have much to say.

Ok, proper serving tomorrow!

On Second Scoop: ...and I'm already kind of annoyed by this ice cream.... sorry. It's been awhile since I've had regular Perry's or Wegman's ice cream (they come from the same plant) and their ice cream is a very soft, gummy substance nowadays. I just get annoyed when I try to scoop ice cream out of the container and it bounces back in to place. That's just weird in my book. The flavor is sweet but fairly manageable. I got a few of the crunch pieces (maybe 4? so not a ton). I just don't enjoy this texture anymore. I'd rather have a super premium that I could slow scoop with a flavor like this... ahhh, there ya go. Make this flavor in to one of Wegman's premium pints, jack up the cookie count, and boom, now we've got a serious holiday flavor.

Verdict?  decent flavor in unfortunate texture
Buy Again?  nah

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