Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Cool Jacks Classic Jack Ice Cream Sandwich

You know what my biggest problem with cookie ice cream sandwiches is? I get cranky when they aren't in my freezer! Wait, I'm not alone in that feeling am I? I have a few regular ice cream sandwiches floating around, and a few other treats, but there's nothing quite like a cookie ice cream sandwich. 

Now, I had a run of bad luck during my last grocery store run and, well, we basically ran out of ice cream (not completely, but there was no "regular" ice cream in the freezer). So, I traded in my usual quiet Sunday morning for Wegman's ice cream run #2. It was more of a restocking run than a "oooo, new stuff!" run, but I did come home with....

Cool Jacks Classic Jack Ice Cream Sandwich
chocolate chip cookies & vanilla ice cream

While my first two run ins with Cool Jacks were a bit more crazy (super jack and jack attack), I decided to skip minty "Jack Frost" and go classic this time. I don't know about you, but I will get the random urge for this classic combo and the urge won't completely fade away until I bring home the goods. Time to feed the craving!

Pretty good looking right? No crazy colors, no crazy cookies, just old school fun. I dig in and there's a little something bothering me here. Maybe bother is too strong a word. I'm detecting something. Maybe a hint of baking soda from the cookie or something? I can't put my finger on it, but there's something, but that something is also forgotten over time.

To recap Cool Jacks if you've missed the other reviews, they are a respectable sandwich at 4 for $8 (at Wegman's). I like that they stay around 350 calories rather than the 500+ calorie sandwiches from some other premium brands. Not that those other sandwiches aren't tasty, I just get confused about halfway through and always wonder if I should save the other half for tomorrow. Also, the cookies aren't thin or tough or brittle. Instead they have a nice density and chew. I don't think you'll be blown away by the ice cream inside, but you will appreciate the fact that it's not some lightweight frozen dairy dessert. Cool Jacks is tasty and fun, but don't go in thinking that they're mind blowing.

On Second Scoop: Finished the bag but never finished this post? Wow, I'm slipping!

Verdict?  tasty
Buy Again?  I would assume so

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