Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Alden's Strawberry Ice Cream

Ok Alden's, I'm giving you one more chance to impress me. I always have bad luck with picking freezer burned pints from them, but maybe, just maybe, I'll have luck with....

Alden's Strawberry Ice Cream

I'd like to see more strawberry bits here.

That's technically better....

So the first serving went in to a brownie sundae and it worked really well. I wasn't super impressed by the ice cream, but I was very happy that I finally bought one of these big containers that wasn't just an $8 freezer burned mess. Yay for little victories.

The ice cream provides a fair amount of flavor that has a bit of a strawberries and cream vibe. I'm thinking this is because of the nature of the ice cream. While it is organic, it also contains gums and stabilizers to keep it all together. When those components mess with a more simple texture, it just always inevitably reminds me more of whipped cream than ice cream.

History note: twice I've bought Alden's from Market Basket, both containers were trash. I then picked up a pint earlier this year, and that was trash too. If this 4th attempt had been a failure, I would have been all done with Alden's.

On Second Scoop: I had some by itself the day after the tasty brownie sundae and just kind of confirmed all the suspicions that I had the day before. Tasty enough but could have a stronger flavor. Not enough strawberry bits (I prefer lots of little bits to spread the flavor around). Texture, while not gummy like a frozen dairy dessert, is still spongier than I would like in an all natural or organic treat. I don't care if your gums are organic, they don't belong in my ice cream. At least not in my world. 

Verdict?  little gummier than expected
Buy Again?  maybe?

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Danielle said...

Dubba in the photo you posted of the open container, did you notice that strawberry is shaped in a heart? Merry Christmas to you and the family!