Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Blue Bunny Strawberry Shortcake Load'd Cones

[New for 2020] Alright, my options for new stuff to eat are pretty limited now, but I did score a few finds at Stop & Shop this week. I have seen these before technically, but I'm finally going to bring home one of the five new Load'd cones from Blue Bunny.

Blue Bunny Strawberry Shortcake Load'd Cones
strawberry flavored frozen dairy dessert with shortcake pieces
and strawberry swirls topped with shortcake pieces
and whipped cream flavored topping in a sugar cone

the shiny foil cone wrappers continue on, just slightly modified with the new logo.
(side note: some of the blue came off on my finger as I opened the wrapper)

Oh no, the coating stuck to the wrapper!

Did I open the other three cones to get a better shot? Nope!
Also, it sure looks like frozen dairy dessert hehehe.

I've always enjoyed Blue Bunny treats, and despite the downgrade from reduced fat ice cream to frozen dairy dessert, and despite the fact that it definitely partially thawed at some point, it was still pretty tasty. As promised, there's a lot going on with the bits and coating and swirls.

You should expect plenty of flavor here and you get it. Obviously you'll want to be a fan of strong strawberry flavor if you are going to pick this one up in particular, but you should enjoy it. It brought the #funfactor on the first non-humid day in awhile. I just stayed outside for a quick break with my tasty treat before heading back to the tasks at hand.

I'll dig more in to specifics on cone number 2, but know that so far, so good. If strawberry isn't your thing, the load'd cones also come in brownie bomb, bunny tracks, cookie dough, and.... there's a s'mores flavor??? oh man, I need those next.

On Second Scoop: I made them all disappear. All by myself. Hope to try the others at some point.

Verdict?  flavorful!
Buy Again?  yup!

Allergy note: may contain peanuts


  1. what's the difference between frozen dairy dessert and reduced far ice cream, especially since all those halo top-esque products are labeled as ice cream.

  2. This post made me miss the old Bb line..thry had this huge loaded strawberry cone with strawberry hard she'll on it

  3. We've had the cookie dough ones and enjoyed them immensely!

  4. I'm curious how these stack up to the sundaes. I imagine if I dumped the strawberry shortcake sundae into a cone, this is what I'd get. Not saying that's a bad thing, mind you, as they are delicious

  5. @RG: to me the difference means less cream but more air and stabilizers :)

    @D: never did get around to trying those!

    @RB: cool

    @Joe: I found the sundae pretty potent. Here we have the crunch and flavor of the cone to help balance things out.

  6. Thank you sir. Cones that don't clash with the flavor bump the #funfactor for me anyway.


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