Thursday, June 18, 2020

Ben & Jerry's Sunflower Butter Milk & Cookies

[New for early 2020] So it's been four years since I tried something from Ben & Jerry's non-dairy lineup. It was P.B. & Cookies and while that pint didn't encourage me to try any of the other non-dairy flavors, that didn't stop B&J's from expanding the lineup considerably. There are now 12 almond based flavors.... and three new sunflower butter based flavors. I'm not the biggest fan of sunbutter (even though it has a respectable blast of protein), so let's see what I think of...

Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert
vanilla (made with sunbutter) with chocolate chip cookies, 
chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate cookie swirls

Sorry, took a little too long taking pictures apparently.

That looks respectable though right?

Simply put, it's not bad. The first few bites reminded me why I don't eat a lot of sunbutter (a very distinct taste), but I pressed on and was fine. 

The texture didn't weird me out like my run in with PB&Cookies either... that said, I've had about 15 non-dairy products since PB&C so it's totally possible that I am a lot more tolerant now.

While the sunbutter flavoring was prevalent for those first few bites, it did seem to calm down a bit as the cookies tried to make their presence felt. I wouldnt say they completely succeeded, but I did notice them trying.

I didn't go for a huge first serving, but I'm not scared about going back for more during the next day or two. I'm also still debating if I want to let my son try it (I may ping B&J's first and confirm that their is no cross contamination risk).

Note: the original Milk & Cookies is one of my favorite flavors. I actually got to meet the awesome flavor guru who created it (John) and he said he had enjoyed reading my review of it. Definitely one of my favorite memories created by this blog.

On Second Scoop: Back again, and honestly, I was a little excited to follow up on this. It works best when the cookie swirl kicks in the most. You stop thinking about sunflower butter and start thinking about cookies. This is a positive. In other words, the base is not something you can ignore, but it can be fairly well covered up. Or in other-other words, this might be worth a try for all our non-dairy friends out there. It's not oatmilk s'mores good, but I can see people getting in to this. I think with a little outside the box thinking (cough cookie butter cough), it could be a real attention getter...  yes, I've been trying to get a company to mix sunbutter and cookie butter for years. Sweetness & Protein. It could be a real winner.

Verdict?  not bad
Buy Again?  might try the others

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Mark said...

Doesn't the original have chocolate chocolate cookies instead of chocolate sandwich cookies?

Dubba Scoops said...

(had to look it up but) Yup!

(I'll throw a link to the original flavor in to the post)