Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Finally found new stuff!

Yay me! I finally found new 2020 stuff! Unfortunately I was no where near my regular freezers so I had to settle for just pictures... but just for now. This was at a far away Shaw's but if there is time tomorrow, I'll hit the one that's closer to home after my day is done. (update: nothing local!)

Magnum Double Pistachio Honey Ice Cream Tub

This was the most surprising find as I haven't seen it on social media anywhere yet. I can't believe we have two new Pistachio flavors hitting us this year. (remember that there is a new pistachio Trio flavor from Haagen-Dazs - see my News from the gram post)

Good Humor Dale Jr Cookie Sandwiches

Technically I haven't see these either, but it makes sense to have a chocolate counterpart to the new vanilla WWE bars. Plus, who doesn't love this guy? (though how funny would it be to have a competing Kyle Busch flavor that had M&M's in it?)

Kit Kat minis (next to the Toll House Minis)

I almost gave in and bought these as my lunch today. Don't worry, I bought the tasty looking $5 hot chicken pot pie as my lunch, but I almost wavered and got these instead.

Good Humor Pop-tarts brown sugar cinnamon dessert bar

I feel like everyone wants to get in on the cross-branding game....

Friendly's Nutty Buddy SuperScoops

To be honest, I think this might just be a re-branding of their current cone line up (other than looking like they have extra peanuts on top). They are literally the same 4.6 fl oz size as their regular cones. The nut covered flavors come in vanilla, chocolate peanut butter, and vanilla caramel while the mint fudge and chocolate overload flavors have chocolate crunchies instead.

Ben & Jerry's Snackable Dough
Half Baked & Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Here's another one that was really hard to pass up, but I knew I would regret eating the entire bag in one sitting. Can't wait to find these again.

Breyers Layered (Frozen Dairy) Desserts

Hey Breyer's, any chance this is your version of  Turkey Hill's Trio'politan? In the example above (S'mores and Brownie Cheesecake), the ice creams on the outside match, only the middle is different. Technically the Cinnabon flavor is a bit tempting but real cinnamon ice cream is just so good compared to this stuff.

Ok, I need to sleep but I'll add the rest of my finds here tomorrow!


Rabbit Girl said...

I'm surprised to see the Friendly's cones because "Nutty Buddy" is already a Little Debbie's product, I'd think the name would be trademarked. Do you know how this could be?

Dubba Scoops said...

If you want to be confused, try looking up the registered trademark for Nutty Buddy....

Little Debbie version says "Abandoned"

yet "Nutty Buddy" is actively registered to Dean's (who own's friendlys)
and also

If you go on little debbie's site, they are listed as nutty buddy
If you go on a site like Target.com, they are listed as nutty bars

I have no idea what is going on....

Rabbit Girl said...

I think the name for the Little Debbie product was regional, so perhaps they decided to homogenize it, thus leaving the TM "abandoned" and ripe for Dean's to literally scoop it up---well i guess not literally because there isn't much scooping involved with drumstick style cones, but i wanted to cash in on that pun opportunity. But I find your TM research fascinating, I didn't know how to look it up.

Dubba Scoops said...

Just to throw a monkey wrench in to that theory, look closely at the Dean's trademark. It says they've had it since the 50s!

History Note: on a rare occasion, companies will register/trademark new products the year before they are released :)

Sascha said...

Pistachio is the new black. Glad to see magnum branching out their pints to see something quite a bit more unusual for them.

Never even realized Nutty Bars got changed to Nutty Buddy's.

Rabbit Girl said...

I looked over the pages, the first link gives the full history of the TM, not it's history solely under Dean's, if you look through the event dates you'll see there was a shift in ownership. The TM was first filed for in 58 but not by Dean's. Dean's ownership, which began after Little Debbie lost it, began in 2010 which the 2nd link is dedicated to, at least that is how I read it.

Rabbit Girl said...

Wait, i reread it--ok, Dean's did file for it in the 50s and both companies have the TM in current use, so maybe if products are different enough, TMs can be shared

Dubba Scoops said...

When I said it was confusing, I meant it! :)

(and to be clear to anyone who has followed along this far, I am not saying that Dean's literally owned it this whole time, they have just swallowed up whoever owned it --- note: little debbie is still an independent company, so Dean's doesnt own them)

Anonymous said...

Some good finds; looking forward to the reviews.

Can't remember the last time I had a Good Humor product (not avoiding them, just don't remember), but that Brown Cinnamon Sugar Poptart looks sweet. My Fry's website says it has the B&J Half Baked chunks, but I must just be missing them when I walk down the aisle. The Breyers Smores is also listed in their system, but at least that one says unavailable. Ditto for Cinnabon Breyers, though it would be one of the rare cinnamon flavors around here.