Saturday, January 25, 2020

PB Graham^2 from Outside the Cone

So I tried the other free sample that Outside the Cone sent over and yeah, it's kind of ridiculous.

Outside the Cone PB Graham^2 
graham cracker base with house made graham cracker crumbles
and house made chocolate peanut butter chunks.

Why is it ridiculous? Is the big chunks of graham cracker crumble? Or the graham cracker base? Actually, it's the ohhhhh so very tasty house made chocolate peanut butter chunks. Oh man are they delicious. They were totally distracting me (in such a fun, tasty way).

That's not to say the graham cracker crumble isn't fun too. Sometimes the seasoning can get a little weird with this kind of swirl but that's not an issue here. I want the graham cracker swirl to enhance the experience, not distract from it.

It's a nice quality base too, but no surprise there. As I started digging in to this one, I was thinking about how it would be fun to disguise this as a Ben & Jerry's pint and tell people it's their latest flavor. Man, people would be stoked. "Wow, Ben & Jerry's bringing back the magic!" (I'm not saying that Ben & Jerry's is bad, but there "WOW" moments aren't as frequent as they once were).

I think it's pretty obvious that I enjoyed this one. The base flavoring is kind of playing in the background to everything else going on but it's just so much fun to eat. I still shocked by how good those pb chunks are. I could eat those all day.

Besides enjoying myself immensely, I really just had one lingering question in my mind (besides "why cant I eat these pb chunks all day?"). I was wondering if a bit of peanut butter flavor in the base would round things out in a way to kind of seal the deal. Not every bite has a chunk, but if I had a little extra pb to carry me through, how would that all work. It could be called (PB Graham)^2  [fellow math nerds will see the difference there]. Disclaimer: not claiming to know any better, just being curious. Big thanks to Outside the Cone for both of my samples.

Sappy Personal Note: I admit that I was already in a funk about the 2020 ice cream season and this flavor has delivered a much needed kick in the ice cream pants. I needed the reminder that despite the cost cutting measures that ice cream companies are forced to go through, there is still good quality ice cream out there. I wish outside the cone continued success in 2020 and beyond.

On Second Scoop: Delicious!

Verdict?  Excellent
Buy Again?  I wish I could


Anne Sutton said...

I checked out their website. Makes me want to go to Lynchburg just to try the banana nutella! Looks really amazing. There have been some excellent local places that have cropped up in Norfolk and Virginia Beach too. I wish it was easier to get their flavors since travel is not always possible.

Anonymous said...

Glad these flavors tasted as good as their descriptions suggested. As nice as it is to read reviews of non-national, it does make me a little sad/jealous that they aren't available in my neck of the desert. Still, it's more than worth it if they help inspire you to keep writing reviews when the national brands are a bit lackluster.

Maybe you can get some Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake for the Derby later this year.

EndlessUniverse said...

Man does that look absolutely delicious. Virginia = Luckiest state confirmed.