Saturday, December 21, 2019

Ruby Cacao?

I was going to post about how busy I am and how boring the freezer aisle is right now, but then I remembered that @candyhunting had pointed out a new gimmick coming from Haagen-Dazs soon: Ruby Cacao beans. Will the limited edition bars (and pints) get your attention?

image rights to Haagen-Daz

According to the box "the ruby hue is released during the bean's unique fermentation process, enhancing the indulgence of cacao with a flush of berry brightness". Nestle (who controls HD in the US) also created the kitkat ruby.

Will this be the only thing we get? I hope not, we need more!! If we run with the fact that Canada is sometimes a precursor to what hits the states, then maybe someday we'll get "Extraaz".

Does extraaz imply extra mix-ins? I hope so, but honestly, I can't tell, so I asked Junk Food Jeff and he said yes! (you remember him, he's done four Canadian reviews for us). There are also six pints to go with this (two of the pints are listed as "new"). If you ask me, the time is perfect for companies to be offering high mix-in flavors. I know I would try them all.

Update note: @candyhunting also posted a new Rose & Cream flavor for the spirits line up, so that means we have spirits for at least another year.

Update #2: It's 1/6/2020 and Magnum has beat Haagen-Dazs to the news cycle. Their tweet today announces the release of new Magnum Ruby bars that we be available in both regular and mini sizes. I'm debating if I should be annoyed or amused by this development.


Sascha said...

I would probably like the pint more (and the bar,for that matter) if it were Magnum, but yes, I will definitely try that.

Dubba Scoops said...

Ha! I get your thinking! Magnum definitely rocks the thicker shell, though I personally prefer the ice cream inside HD bars :)

Sascha said...

Yeah, I get that. But the chocolate gets the top billing here and nobody does it better than Magnum, in bars, but especially in pints.

Dubba Scoops said...

A little internet research reveals Magnum has a ruby cacao bar in Turkey! (google for "Magnum Yakut" which is Turkish for Ruby)

Sascha said...

So, Marvo just posted a pic of the pint,and it is now definitely #1 on my must find list. That looks awesome, and they did crackle it,which is super smart.

Al said...

Actually no, Extraaz unfortunately doesn’t have extra mix-ins. What Haagen-Dazs Canada did with Extraaz last year was redesign the packaging of some existing flavours (cookie dough, cookie and brownie dough, cookies and cream) with no extra mix-ins - I was expecting extra ones but got disappointed. And they came up with 3 new flavours - actually only 2 new plus they brought back Rocky Road which had been discontinued a few years ago in Canada.
The 2 new flavours were your US Banana peanut butter chip and Strawberry Cheesecake which i’m sure is already available in other markets. So no brand new flavours for HD Canada last year.

And the Kit kat ruby chocolate is delicious, so I’m looking forward to tasting both Magnum and Haagen-Dazs versions.