Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Market Pantry Cereal Bowl Ice Cream

[New for late 2019] I feel like I used to go to Target every few weeks to see what newness they might deliver, but not it feels like I go every few months... and am still disappointed to find nothing new. Ok, technically I did pick up a Biscoff flavor last time but this time I got the new in house brand flavor that I've been waiting for.

Market Pantry Cereal Bowl Ice Cream @ Target
cinnamon toast ice cream


Not a ton of chunks...

I dig in and am surprised by how gritty this flavor is. It's not as in your face as that pint of Batch ice cream I had oh so long ago, but it's not something you can ignore. I do love grit, and this is a bit much, but not enough to make me stop.

The next question is does it taste like a bowl of cereal? Honestly, I think the name "cereal bowl" is a bit of a stretch. This actually reminds me more of Perry's French Toast ice cream. Like that flavor, this one has a bit of eggy-ness to the flavor which makes me think more of actual french toast then the cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

Other thoughts: The frosting swirls didn't stand out a ton, and the chunks are nice and crunchy (and add more grit). Everything combined, it's not something I feel instantly in love with, but I do expect each serving to become more enjoyable.

On Second Scoop: Umm, ok, might not be more in love. It definitely takes a bit to get in to this ice cream... in fact, it may have been when it finally tempered a bit before it becomes sufficiently enjoyable. Wait, again, that sounds rough. This is a main stream product, so you can scoop it right from the freezer, but it wasn't until it melted a bit before the melt factor overtook the grit factor. Am I scaring you off or keeping you intrigued? Let us know if you try this one. Hopefully your container will have more chunks then mine does.

Verdict?  different
Buy Again?  probably not?

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Anonymous said...

I'm definitely intrigued. I think I like 'gritty', I'll have to pick some up.