Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Serendipity Humble Pie Ice Cream

[New for early 2019] Time to dig in to another free sample pint of Serendipity. This time I will dig in to the one I had the highest hopes for...

Serendipity  Humble Pie Ice Cream
Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Swirls,
Chocolate Chunks and Graham Pieces

Oh yeah, I'm excited

I take my first bite and think "ok, good, this has a good amount of flavoring to it", but unfortunately my experience went downhill from there and let me list out why.

1) There is a weird taste to the ice cream, more so on the backside than the frontside. There's something weird going on and it lingers.

2) WOW is that swirl salty. Do not eat the swirl by itself. I'm sure they wanted it to stand out but that's way too far in to salty territory (at least for me).

3) Where's the graham pieces?

4) The fairly large chocolate chunks are plentiful, but all but one of them was rock hard. Granted, the dry ice shipping process may have messed with things, but these bad boys wouldn't even melt in my mouth -- I know this because I shoved three of them in there by themselves to see what would happen and what I learned was that these do not taste good. I think they are trying to be fancy but they fail. Maybe they are contributing to the weird taste?

Those four seemingly terrible points aside, I still ate a decent amount of my first serving. I was starved and I wanted to keep going, but then I'd have another bite and think "why am I eating this if I'm only half enjoying it?"

I'm not saying this is terrible-terrible.... or am I? It sure sounds that way. I kept eating so it's not that bad, but I was so confused as I was eating it. You'll definitely want to get everything on your spoon so that the different components can try to balance themselves out, but yeah, that was surprising.

On Second Scoop: I let my pint temper for a long time (I got distracted), and for the first couple bites I thought "man, I was too hard on this flavor"... and then those feelings slowly floated away. I did enjoy it more this time by just focusing on the ice cream and then trying to highlight it with the fairly stiff swirl, but there was still some weird flavoring that built up as I went along.

Verdict?  shoulda been better
Buy Again?  nope


Anonymous said...

I wish I read this before trying. Agree on the chocolate. The hardest chocolate chunk I've ever encountered in an ice cream. Not a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I was so looking forward to this blend, but like you, experienced an odd flavor, which I think is from the coconut oil in the peanut butter swirl. I did not get that same taste when eating just the peanut butter ice cream. I didn't mind the chocolate chunks, but was missing the graham pieces too.

Ken P said...

The base of the ice cream tasted like coconut invaded the manufacturing process. We kept reading the label like "it has to be in here or it's coconut milk", but none was listed. Super strange and very disappointing considering what was on the label

Keith Marder said...

I liked the hard chocolate crunches. It was a great textural component