Friday, October 25, 2019

Coolhaus Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sammie

So Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches were on sale at Price Chopper and ofcourse I was tempted. Sure, they only had two flavors, but I hadn't seen this one before, so I happily grabbed a....

Coolhaus Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwich
double chocolate cookies
chocolate cookie crumb ice cream
with chocolate cookie chunks

Why yes, those are two gigantic cookies with a bit of ice cream in the middle.

I found the cookie chunks!

That last shot sold you on trying these right? Well if it didn't, it should have! The cookies here are amazing. Yes, I could argue that this is really a chocolate cookie sandwich and not a cookies & cream sandwich, but oh my word are the cookies good. So good. So tasty. I don't even want to bother talking about it because it's wasting time that could be spent tracking this delicious sandwich down.

So yeah, I was a fan from the very first bite. I just couldn't believe how rich and chocolate the cookies were and yet somehow they were still chewy enough to enough. I tried to take small bites to make it last but my omnivore side just wanted to devour this one.

Again, I didn't get any cookies & cream here vibe. None, other than the literaly kind because it's both cookies and (ice) cream. This is actually only the second time I've had a cool haus sandwich (here's the first), but it's obvious that they are all about the amazing cookies .

I have trouble justifying $4.49 for a single ice cream sandwich (because I'm cheap), but after trying it, yeah, I will be tempted to pick one up every time I see them now (and if they are on sale at $2.99 again, they are definitely going in the shopping cart!).

Verdict?  delicious
Buy Again?  Yes!

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