Wednesday, September 11, 2019

DQ Heath Caramel Brownie Blizzard

[New for early Fall 2019] I wasn't really interested in my frozen meal at lunchtime today, and it's definitely feeling like summer out there, so I headed to DQ for....

Dairy Queen Heath Caramel Brownie Blizzard
Heath pieces, brownie pieces,
and caramel blended in vanilla softserve

I hyped this one up pretty good in my head. I hadn't noticed it until just after I had tried the Harvest Berry Pie blizzard and I've been pining for it ever since. I hold the original Heath blizzard in pretty high regard (though if I had to choose, I would pick a Reese's blizzard over a heath blizzard).

Anyway, I dug in and was pretty much instantly not amused. The caramel swirl and brownie bits totally drowned out any kind of Heath vibe. Now, granted, I may have just gotta a bad ratio of heath to brownie bits, but I'm not here to buy 17 blizzards until I get one that's made right.

Sorry, I was just unamused by this one. I feel like I got half the heath and twice the brownies that I should have gotten. That would have made for a much more amusing treat. The brownies were fresh enough, but I was just bored. I just don't have any real fondness for brownie blizzards. I wanted HEATH brownies, not brownies with a smidge of heath. Oh well.

As with all DQ reviews, your mileage may vary...

Verdict?  meh
Buy Again?  doubtful


Anne Sutton said...

I noticed there is a limited time butterscotch dip. I don't think I've ever seen a blizzard with a butterscotch sauce, but the heath blizzard would be an excellent platform for that. Think heath bits, butterscotch sauce all blended with vanilla soft serve. Or has that been done before???

Dubba Scoops said...

HA! The little girl in front of me was there with her grandma and I think she got the butterscotch dip actually! Also, sounds better than the caramel swirl right now.

Anonymous said...

Dang, i read Hot Caramel and was like Whoa! That sounds interesting and possibly good.

A bit disappointed now