Monday, September 23, 2019

Ben & Jerry's Justice Remix'd Ice Cream

[New for Fall 2019] Ben & Jerry's is back at it with another limited batch flavor aimed at bringing about more social justice. In this case, they are working towards criminal justice reform. I know a lot of us don't care because we've never been on the wrong end of a sentencing, but there are people who care deeply about this stuff. If you don't like it, fine, just move along, don't go surfing the internet trying to pick a fight with everyone who does appreciate a company trying to do good. Sorry, getting off my soapbox and opening a pint of...

Ben & Jerry's Justice Remix'd Ice Cream
cinnamon & chocolate ice creams
with gobs of cinnamon bun dough & spicy fudge brownies

Unexpected... (but technically random)

Snagged a bite when I first opened this, it's interesting with a bit of bite to it.

Coming back for an official scooping, my first bite definitely has some lingering kick to it. Not a huge ton of it, but no denying it either. It's cinnamony, but more robust than that.

I tried to grab a few bites of just cinnamon ice cream. It's pretty mild. Now grabbing some solo chocolate scoops, typical Ben & Jerry's chocolate... ooo I got a little brownie there, let me dig the rest out. It's very ooey and gooey, and if you let it linger, yeah, it's got some serious flavoring to it... yup, that's a bit too much for me and I haven't even gotten to the end of the brownie.

Let's wrap it up with the cinnamon bun dough just to confirm it's their regular cinnamon bun dough. Seems to be (though I'm still a little thrown off by the brownies). The cinnamon side is definitely more my speed, but the overall all flavor of all the components coming together is nice. No complaints there.

So, while this flavor is not for me, I'm liking the idea of these spicy brownies popping up in other flavors. The flavor world is go, go, go nowadays and Ben & Jerry's needs to stay fresh to help maintain their dominance. I won't be buying those pints, but I think it helps broaden their appeal.

On Second Scoop: on the to-do list

Verdict?  it's got a kick
Buy Again?  probably not


Jackson said...

This is the single greatest flavor that Ben & Jerry's has ever produced.

I'm serious. This one is absolutely perfect and delicious and I hate that it's a limited edition. They need to keep this one in the regular rotation. I loved everything about this.

Anonymous said...

All the 'social' nonsense has gotten me to gradually stop buying Ben and Jerrys completely. It happened without an overt choice on my part, I didnt decide to ditch it, but whenever I saw some of the questionable names of the new flavors and the whole amgle they seem to be trying to push lately, I just naturally had a bad feeling when I got to the Ben and Jerrys section. I was going organic anyway before, and this just hastened my conversion. I wish them well, but this is one long time customer for decades who is out.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Jackson: was it the spicy factor?

@Anon: So, did you read the first paragraph?

Anonymous said...

Don't think Anon was "picking a fight" so much as stating his opinion. With that said I am with him and I read your first paragraph. Im fine with politics and opinions. Im fine with company owners being vocal about where they stand. IE; Chik Fil A. However I dislike it when it crosses over into the product. If Chik Fil A started selling Jesus Juice and Crispy Christian Chicken Id feel the same. When you sell Anti Trump Ice Cream I feel the same. However on the flip side its their product. If they want to use it like that than that is their choice. They do need to realize they will push some folks though. Ice Cream should bring people together. Not apart. Which is funny doing exactly what society is doing today and growing apart rather than bringing people together.

The fact that you needed to write the 1st paragraph proves the point.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Anon#2: correct, they weren't aggressive, and neither are you, but the fact is, I'm very tired of it all. Every time I post a Ben & Jerry's flavor on instagram, I have to monitor the comments for those few "rotten apples" who feel that B&J's having an opinion means they can spout racist crap.

Again, you are being civilized, but I need to point out, how is this "Anti Trump" ice cream? Is that really how you see it? This pint is about criminal justice reform and nothing else. Why is that wrong? Why is it wrong to want the justice system to be fair? Are you anti-reform?
anti-justice? anti-thrifty? Do you like spending billions and billions to incarcerate people?

You are entitled to your opinion, I wish you a good day, and feel free to check out

Anonymous said...

I think that is demonstrating part of the issue. Let food be food. And politics be politics. If people constantly bring up ben and jerrys politics every time you post about a pint of their ice cream then it sounds like they are doing something wrong and the good they are trying to do is actually backfiring. No I don't see this specific pint as Anti Trump however they have put out Anti Trump pints in the past.

For me bottom line. Leave politics and agendas out of food. If the owner wants to donate to a cause by all means go for it. But plastering specifics on the front of pints of ice cream or any food product I disagree with and turns me off. Even if it is a good message such as this one.

Dubba Scoops said...

I still like when companies try to do good though, but yeah, that's a fair point you make about it being too distracting.

Sammy said...

Ignoring the comments about Ben and Jerry being Ben and Jerry on social issues(how are people not used to this yet?), I was hoping the chocolate would have cinnamon in it. It's so hard getting my hands on a nice spicy chocolate ice cream in the southern US.

Dubba Scoops said...

I would give it a try

Sammy said...

Update: I tried a pint and really liked it. This is probably my favorite ice cream with brownies, so they need to make this a permanent flavor.

Lily Wilkin said...

Agreed. Just tried this for the first time and I'm going to be very sad if it goes away for good. I love that spiciness- new favorite by far.

Unknown said...

No one cares. It's sad to see that you're so offended by compassion.

JustJon said...

I like the flavor, but I don't like the spiciness to it. Just my two cents.

Unknown said...

Even though I love me some spicy stuff, this combo didn’t work for me. I enjoy them pushing the envelope but it tasted like big red gum to me.