Thursday, September 26, 2019

Serendipity Ice Cream

You know what I got delivered last week? Two giant containers of ice cream. I was expecting free samples of the newest Serendipity flavors but what I got was their entire line up of 11 flavors plus samples of their two new ice cream cakes. I'm lucky to have gotten the samples I have over the years, but never have I gotten this much ice cream. I didn't know where to start and it's going to take a bit of time to get everything posted, so here's a tease of what's in the freezer.

The three newest flavors are Salty Caramel Pretzel, Dulce de Leche, and Very Cherry Chunk. I do love pretzel flavors so I'll probably crack that one open first.

Yes, I was hoping Serendipity would a couple extra pints along with the three promised ones, but never did I expect ice cream cake. In retrospect, it explains why the shipping containers were so huge. Am I excited for these? Ofcourse I am! I love that one is actually birthday cake flavored. Only one other time have I seen cake flavored ice cream cake (seen here in my Jon Donaire review). The Frozen Hot Chocolate one should be good too. I am very excited to review these and see what's inside. Hopefully the review for both will be up on Sunday.

Who doesn't love irony right? While I was waiting for my delivery of free samples, I finally found Serendipity at my local Hannaford (Food Lion). The only pint missing from this shot is the Vanilla Vogue Flavor. I did a quick instagram post with this shot and Birthday Cake got the most love, followed by Humble Pie. I didn't know what was headed my way, but it's a good thing I held off for my shipment before picking any of these up. did anyone catch the fact that I said two large containers? See there was a little shipping snafu and I got a double delivery. Super lucky right? Well, I still felt kind of guilty about it so I brought a bunch of extra pints in to my office. So far I've gotten nothing but positive reviews and at least three of my coworkers have gone back to try a second flavor.

Stay tuned for a lot of Serendipity reviews coming up (and some other stuff too!)


Danielle said...

I'm curious to see your review because I picked up birthday cake and strawberry cheesecake this summer when Shoprite had it on sale, and I was very disappointed. For me, the quality of the ice cream was a very low budget quality. I wouldn't try it again.

Dubba Scoops said...

It wasnt amazing, but I enjoyed the strawberry one. Will be opening more pints this weekend.

May said...

I have to agree somewhat with Danielle about these pints. I've had Forbidden Broadway Sundae, Banana Split, Strawberry Fields, Frrrozen Hot Choc, and Birthday Cake. All had superior quality control, plenty of mix-in pieces and swirlage, and really fabulous flavors. But the bases were far less dense than I expected from earlier reviews. At least I got them for under $3 at my ShopRite (woulda been mad if I'd spent the $6-plus at my 7-11). Still throwing my ShopRite some shade for not carrying Humble Pie--the one I wanted to try the most!

Dubba Scoops said...

Don't be too sad about Humble Pie, I'm five flavors in and it's by far my least favorite of the 5 (which is shocking because I thought it would be top of the list for me)

Amy said...

I picked up a couple of Birthday cake flavored ones and one of the Cookie Dough. They were horrible, I wasn't even sure if it was actually ice cream in the containers. Couldn't eat any of tgem except a bite of each. Never again!

Dubba Scoops said...

Ummm, why did you buy multiple ones having not tried it before, was it on sale? Also, I would check the best buy dates on those pints. (technically you didn't clarify if it was a freezerburn issue or a flavor issue, but I'm guessing freezerburn)