Thursday, June 27, 2019

Ben & Jerry's Caramel Crisp Ice Cream

[New in Scoop Shops for May 2019] Hey, can I rant for a sec? No, it's not about how it costs $6 for a 2 scoop small and $7 for a 3 scoop large. I want to complain about wooden spoons. Ben & Jerry's may think they are saving the planet, but they are ruining my six dollar experience. Holy spotted cow are these things awful. They are rough on your mouth and are terrible at actually digging in to the ice cream. I just barely missed splashing myself with melted ice cream because I couldn't get an actual chunk of ice cream on my spoon. These things are awful! ...anyway....

Ben & Jerry's Caramel Crisp Ice Cream
milk chocolate & caramel ice creams with crispy bits & caramel cups

Annoying spoon aside, there are three new scoop shop flavors at Ben & Jerry's right now. There's Nutty Caramel Swirl (which you might remember from it's 7-Eleven exclusive days), Toffee Break (which I'll go back for at some point), and the one I tried, Caramel Crisp. There's also Pucker Upper, but it's also available in pints if you don't want to hit a scoop shop. [for the record, pucker upper lost me at the combo of "extra tart" and "sour sugar bits"].

Enough sidetracking, did I like Caramel Crisp? Well, I certainly liked the crispy bits, those are fun and remind me a bit of the beloved Late Night Snack. I wish there had been about 5x more because the rest of the ice cream did nothing for me. Granted the spoon was frustrating me with every scoop, but I just didn't like the flavor here. The caramel ice cream had a bit of weirdness to it and it just kind of ruined everything else. I just did not like the way the flavors came together.

So yeah, I kind of regretted my purchase. I was starved, so at least it solved that problem, but this is a one and done for me. Swap out the chocolate side for something more complimentary maybe. Whatever happens, the crispy bits need to be in a much better flavor next time.

Verdict?  I liked the crispy bits
Buy Again?  nope

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