Monday, July 1, 2019

Hood Unicorn Confetti Ice Cream Sandwiches

[New (and limited) for early 2019] Wait, did I forget to post Hood's addition to the unicorn craze? I did, didn't I?! Sorry about that. Ahhh, I'll keep it short and sweet then.

Hood Unicorn Confetti Ice Cream Sandwiches
artificially flavored fruit ice cream
between two vanilla wafers with confetti sprinkles

So you are probably thinking (or hoping) that these taste like your favorite fruity cereal... well, you are right, they do. Whether it's fruit loops or fruity pebbles or whatever else, yeah, you'll think these remind you of that cereal. It's a fairly strong flavor but not too strong or too sweet.

What else? The sprinkles arent really crunchy, wafers are indeed vanilla-ish, and that's about all she wrote. I'll still gravitate towards the traditional ice cream sandwich combo, but I don't foresee people complaining when they buy a box of these.

On Second Scoop: Still fruity (and still technically on shelves despite being July now)

Verdict?  fruity cereal
Buy Again?  iunno

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