Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Talenti Salted Caramel Truffle Gelato Layers

[New for 2019] Think about this for a second: What's the one Talenti flavor that people seem to rave about more than any other? Got your answer? Sea Salt Caramel right?? Well, that flavor is in one of the seven new layered flavors. Let's see what they do with it!

Talenti Salted Caramel Truffle Gelato Layers
sea salt caramel gelato - chocolate cookies
dulce de leche - vanilla gelato - caramel truffles

Plain top to hide all the layers underneath

I'll admit it, the first bite with everything on it was pretty great. I've always held the less popular belief that they have a little too much salt (dryness) in their caramel gelato, but the dulce de leche and cookie bits really help balance it out. I personally need that hit of gooey sweetness to keep everything in check. Yes, I just said the same thing twice but I got the caramel sauce covered cookie bits on the brain right now.

So yeah, this one works, easy peazy, not surprised. They did go back to the boring "vanilla gelato" that we saw in the black raspberry flavor, but you'll be distracted by everything else so you won't care (as least I don't think you will). Well, let me put it another way. It's pretty hard to grab the vanilla gelato without getting a truffle or two.

I don't have a ton to say here other than yet again the concept works. There's usually one piece that's weaker than the others, but as an overall treat, yeah, these are fun. If cost has you a little worried, just buy one of them and lean towards the ones you think you'll like the most first.

[I finally saw the mint one the other day so I think I've seen all seven now]

On Second Scoop: Can I cause trouble for a second? I don't know what percentage of people this is happening to, but at least a few are complaining that they can't get all five layers on the spoon. Well, I say they need to try harder! Yes, I cheated by making a decent size space with my giant spoon (for the gram!), but after that, it's not that hard to run your normal sized spoon down vertically and get a bit of every layer. It's the best way to eat this flavor for sure!

Verdict?  tasty!
Buy Again?  yup


ibagoalie said...

Just finished this one and loved everything about it, except the vanilla gelato. Besides being boring, it adds a clashing sweetness (hard to describe, but just didn't seem to go). I would have rather had chocolate as the second gelato layer. I do find the first serving to be the hardest to get all the layers, without making a huge mess. Almost wish they had put it in a different shaped container, maybe oval? I also wish they'd make these in single serve containers, that would be awesome! (Mint is my next flavor, I'm hoping it's like a Girl Scout Thin Mint flavor)

Anonymous said...

It had been so long since I had Talenti- havn't had any since they released Key Lime Pie & PB chocolate pretzel (and unfortunately discontinued the latter), but I was blown away by how bad their texture is now.

I had heard it mentioned, but I had no idea- it's... like, dry. As if it were ultra low fat or some bargain brand or dairy substitute. Reminds me of frozen Cool Whip in a way.

It's a real shame, I was so hyped for these and they were mediocore at best as a result. I'd only consider buying them again if they were on sale like 2/$6. Definitely not worth $6 ea.

Dubba Scoops said...

@ibagoalie: ha, mint is my next pint too! (i've had the cherry but haven't posted yet)

@Anon: maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like people are starting to turn off from Talenti finally (quality often comes down bit by bit and then all of a sudden it just starts clicking with people). Not picking on your opinion, just making a general observation since you brought it up. The texture in these layered pints does seem a little different (it was stiffer in the cherry pint as well), plus here you've got the salty factor making it more obvious.

Giggity said...

I didn't have much difficulty scooping all the layers out in a single spoonful....but I have had consistent trouble opening the lid! Has anyone else run into this? It's like they vacuum sealed it or something. Maybe I need to hit the gym.

Anyway, I've tried most of them. This one was one of my favorites; the salted caramel gelato is so solid. I also really liked the mint one, as well as the dark chocolate cherry one. Vanilla Fudge cookie was fine, albeit somewhat boring. The cherry cheesecake one had a weird coconut taste to it; I like coconut alright, but the flavor just tasted a bit off to me. I know Dubba liked the Black raspberry vanilla parfait, but I didn't care for it as much. It seemed to be their take on a yogurt much so that I would have rather have had yogurt mixed in with the oatmeal crunchie/granola things over gelato. Haven't tried the peanut butter one yet.

Unknown said...

bought Talenti and had to cut a large hole in the top because we tried everything to unscrew the lid. Mostly melted before we got it open. what's with a screw on lid anyway?

Dubba Scoops said...

Ummmm, why not just take it back to the store?

Also, I've never had this issue, though apparently there was a brief issue with a lid tightening machine a few years back.