Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Magnum Double Cookie Crumble Ice Cream Tub

[New for 2019] During this third wave of Magnum tubs, this is by far the one I was most interested in, and that's saying a lot when all the flavors carry "double" in their name.

Magnum Double Cookie Crumble Ice Cream Tub
sweet cream ice cream with swirls of chocolate cookie sauce and
milk chocolate shards in a crackling milk chocolate shell with more cookies

HA! It looks like marshmallow fluff is escaping from the chocolate!
(also, where's the M stamp?)

So pretty....... so very, very pretty hehehehe. I really do love how this one looks... Ok, I am me so I do have to point out one small thing. Granted this is called Cookie Crumble and not Cookies & Cream, but what's the one thing I love about cookies & cream? A nice, bespeckled base ice cream. Notice that we do have a lovely cookie sauce going through half the tub, but the other side looks plain white.

Wait, you didn't hear any of that because you can't stop staring at those swirls? Yeah, that's ok, because this one did make a fun first impression. When you are in the mood for a literal chocolate blast and not just chocolate flavoring, it's hard to argue with all the tasty Magnum milk chocolate in the mix here. It's good, plain and simple.

So yup, I'm recommending this one. I know sometimes I complain about the ice cream being too light but I was very distracted on this first serving.

On Second Scoop: I still want more cookie flavor, because, you know, it's in the name and all, but there's no denying the fun in this one.

Verdict?  good enough!
Buy Again?  sure

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May said...

Sounds like your mileage went more of the distance than mine! I barely had any cookie sauce in the tub I got, so it was basically just the shell and some meh-nilla. I'd seen that there was a European version with white chocolate, and loaded with that cookie sauce, which had raised my bar way too high. Well, the Double Chocolate Ganache was much better!