Monday, April 1, 2019

DQ Summer Berry Cake Cupfection

[New for Apr-Aug 2019] I'm back at DQ... Again! Actually this is my third trip in four days because I thought I would be clever and take the family to DQ on Sunday only to discover that our local DQ was running the March menu while the one by work was running the April Menu (DOH!!!).  So, I'm saving the Brownie Dough blizzard for Friday, which means today's lunch is...

Dairy Queen Summer Berry Cake Cupfection
vanilla soft serve, vanilla cake, raspberries, blackberries,
blueberries, choco chunks and whipped topping

So yeah, it's basically a fancy berry parfait and I'm all about parfait... ha, ok, that just sounds silly, but I do enjoy a fun mix of cake and softserve especially if there is a bright fruit component to it.

Did I fall in love with it? Nope. It's fun and all, but I would have preferred a big ol' scoop of their sweet strawberry sauce on top to balance out the tartness of the other three berries. It's different, but I have trouble when these things forget that they are supposed to be a dessert.

The cake was ok, not amazing. I wanted more of it and more flavor from it. There was a bit at the bottom but after eating the top half separately, I wound up mixing the bottom half together to see if I could take the edge off the tartness.

Two Three notes: One, this was $5.29 plus tax so this is not one of their cheaper sundaes. Two, I thought the board said this was 1540 calories but if you look closely there is a blue line in front of the black numbering that says 540 calories. Three, my server was nice and asked if I wanted those choco bits before he threw them on. It helps with the presentation but it didn't make much impact taste-wise.

So, will you get this? I say try it, but maybe split it with someone. Maybe get this and one other thing and you each get half of both treats. It was different, and I did enjoy it enough on this bright sunny day, but I don't imagine getting it again.

*As with all things DQ, your mileage will vary from store to store

Verdict?  tart
Buy Again?  probably not


Anonymous said...

How was the Brownie Dough?? I am dying to know!!!

Dubba Scoops said...

HAHAHA, I did go to DQ today! you'll have to wait for the very {#@$&#*&@} review though :)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was delicious. It was light and not overly sugary. I give it a perfect 10.

Unknown said...

I love this summer berry cake cupfectioner...its my favorite dairy queen treat..hope it stays on the menu always...yummy...I give it 100%

Unknown said...

Summer berry cake confectioner was the only thing I eat at dq. Was the best tasteing treat. 100% best ever had. But i have gone back now in the summer and it's not sold there now in summer. :( so i dont go there ever anymore. They took off my favorite treat so i dont go back

Unknown said...

My daughter just got one. Had no berries at all that were supposed to be in there. It only had strawberries and one small bite of cake. It barley filled half the cup. Not worth the $ and it was all wrong. I won’t hunk the cashier k ew what she was doing. I kept saying berry cupfection and she kept saying strawberry. They don’t even have a strawberry one.

Dubba Scoops said...

Ummmm, did you verify it was on the menu before getting mad at the server? The berry version was last year, this year it's strawberries only.