Monday, January 7, 2019

My first find of 2019 is... the downstairs freezer. It's a set of three actually (out of at least four known flavors). Unfortunately 9:30 at night is not the best time for me to dive in to a 600 calorie treat (though don't be surprised if I try one of the three for breakfast). Should I give a hint? Hmmmm...

You are on the hunt for new stuff right? I'm currently scouring Stop & Shop (Giant), Hannaford (Food Lion), Market32 (Price Chopper), Wegmans, Shaws, Roche Bros, Walmart & Target.

Fellow freezer stalker @candyhunting has already found a ton of new Blue Bunny stuff at Hy-vee. We're talking 8 new Load'd Sundaes, 4 new mini swirls, and two new bunny snacks!

Fellow ice cream enthusiast @familyfooddude posted two new Ben & Jerry's pint slices (he and a least a few others got early review samples)

Coolhaus is teasing four new dairy-free pints and sammies and one new dairy flavor and who knows what else is in store from them. I actually found two of their older flavors in their newer packaging today, though I never did see their seasonal stuff in my area.

The Haagen-Dazs Spirits line is coming to the U.S., but what else will we get?

The Turkey Hill limited edition calendar has nothing new on it  :(

Is there anything you want to see in 2019?

P.S. High Road Craft ice cream bough Ciao Bella incase you are wondering why they are back in the paper containers!

Update #1: The impulsive buy is posting pictures of several new Chilly Cow options.

Update #2: Ben & Jerry's is reinvigorating the Core lineup with three new Cookie Dough Core flavors! Their is sugar cookie dough core, a chocolate chip cookie dough core, and a "no bake" (chocolate looking) cookie dough core.

1/14/19 - Ok, since you can't really read the descriptions, here goes:

Sweet Like Sugar Cookie Dough Core: sweet ice cream with a hint of almond flavor & shortbread cookies & cherry ice cream with cherries & a sugar cookie dough core

Wake & "No Bake" Cookie Dough Core: vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cookies, peanut butter ice cream with fudge chips & a no bake cookie dough core

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core: cookie milk ice cream with fudge chips & a chocolate chip cookie dough core.


Anne Sutton said...

One of my favorite ice cream flavors is cookies and cream. Oreo keeps putting out new Oreo flavors. However, I have yet to see any of the ice cream companies capitalize on all of the various Oreo cookies. I know Breyer's had an Oreo, but it was a frozen dairy dessert :( . I don't care for anything with their dairy dessert label unfortunately. I would love to see more ice cream and cookie pairings. I'm also a food network fan, and there was a show on outrageous ice cream sandwiches using things other than the standard wafer. Prepackaged ice cream sandwiches using waffles, brownies, cupcakes, etc would be cool. I know I can make them at home, but I'm a professional with limited time (and three hungry kids). Also, have you seen those helados Mexico sold at Wal-mart? There are other brands available that I've seen at our local International food mart. They are more prevalent south of the US border. I've tasted them in several countries in Central America. I've tried various flavors including mango, coconut, etc. They are very creamy and reminiscent of a creamsicle. They also seem to have lower calorie counts for how luscious they taste. I would love to see more of those in the grocery store or have them covered in a review. Ever since I discovered them, I have really loved eating them. The mini versions are perfect for my kids.

ibagoalie said...

Graters just sent me an email on a new pistachio flavor. Sorry, kinda boring, but it is new.

Dubba Scoops said...

yeah, I saw the social media picture

Anonymous said...

Did you notice most of Turkey Hill's limited edition flavors are now frozen dairy desserts? Many of their main ice cream flavors appears to be switching as well.

Dubba Scoops said...

yeah, they are moving more towards frozen dairy dessert which is a shame. the quality of their regular stuff was going downhill anyway, but this just makes it worse. we need a reliable main stream company in our corner!

Anonymous said...

YAAAS. I loved the Cookie Cores. There is a small grocery store that still has Peanut Buttah stock left, and I'm wondering if I should just buy whatever they have at $6 or whatever per pint. (It WAS discontinued, right? I still saw it on their website)

Dubba Scoops said...

Was wondering when someone would notice the new cookie core pictures :)

It's always hard to tell exactly when something is gone (they never announce these things), but the pb cookie core looks to be ending (unless you were referring to the pb fudge core).

I was just going through Stop & Shop (Giant) today because they put a bunch of stuff on 50% clearance.

Anonymous said...

I saw that too, Dubba. B&J's Truffle Kerfluffle & their non-dairy Cinnamon Buns were marked way down, probably on their way out. I think tried each of those once. Might get the non-dairy Cinnamon Buns again to remember what it was like.

I am really psyched about these 3 new flavors, and what other brands like H-D & Coolhaus are whipping up. Hopefully H-D does more than just the Spirits line.

♫ Its the mooooost wonderful time of the yearrrrr! ♫

tintar said...

my first find of 2019 isn't something new, it's better!

pints of Blue Bunny Double Strawberry for $1...!!!
same store also had Halo Top strawberry for...$1?!

knowing we didn't have much room in the freezer, we only bought 2 blue bunny and 4 halotop.
going out soon, hoping there's more left! (the heck is wrong with people in my neighborhood hating on strawberry? for literally one dollar? wait, their loss is my (weight/waist?) gain lol...)

IceCreamGoddess said...

Cookie DOUGH Cores?! Tell me more!!!!! When? Where? I'm so excited!!! I can't wait -- seriously, I don't think I can wait!

kris said...

dubba, do you know what are the flavor descriptions of the new cores? they sound soo good.

Dubba Scoops said...

Post updated!

Deb said...

Do you know if Edy's is not going to be distributed in much of MA any more? I googled this question and did not find anything but I have not seen it in stores around me lately. It is not a huge loss (I actually have not had Edy's in years) but I was used to seeing so much of it!

Dubba Scoops said...

On another post, a couple of other east coast people were complaining they couldnt find it. Central Mass still has it (for now!)