Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Friendly's Chocolate Krunch Cake Singles

[New for early 2019] Guess what? Friendly's has themselves a pretty clever idea here because there are people out there, like me, who adore ice cream cake but can't really justify buying an entire cake to eat by themselves. So, how did they solve this problem?

Friendly's Chocolate Krunch Cake Single
layers of vanilla and chocolate ice creams
separated by a center layer of chocolate & vanilla flavored crunchies,
topped with fudge, whipped icing with more chocolate & vanilla flavored crunchies

So, there are at least four flavors that I know of. This one, strawberry krunch, strawberry cheesecake, and birthday cake. I'll be covering the two strawberry ones this week as well and then I'll just be on the hunt for the birthday cake one.

It was funny how the other two flavors have this neat whipped cream poof on top while all the chocolate ones I found looked like this. No worries though, looks aren't everything.

I dig in (for breakfast part 1) and I like it. The cool thing is that they are using denser ice cream than you will find in their regular sundae to-go cups. This single definitely has texture more in line with what you would expect from an ice cream cake.

The fudge sauce is also good and really bringing this alive, but what about the KRUNCH factor? Yeah, the crunchy middle layer isn't so crunchy. Now, it is possible this cup melted a bit at some point (explaining the messy top), so maybe my other two singles will still be crunchy. I'll still enjoy this, but bringing the joy of the middle layer is what would make someone like me very happy.

That's it for now as I was good and only ate half of it!

On Second Scoop: Ok, I just deleted what I was writing here after I realized that Friendly's has kind of tricked me again. If you remember, Friendly's already had sundae cups in chocolate cake krunch, strawberry cake krunch, and ice cream cake. I had kind of put them out of my mind because I never fell in love with them (because of the quality of the ice cream), but something clicked in my brain and I thought "wait, what if these aren't different?". Well, I went through the nutritional info and in the case of the strawberry, we've gone from a 136g 6 fluid ounce serving to a 164g 8.5 fluid ounce serving.. wait, does that prove or disprove my better texture comment? These have a lot more whipped cream so maybe it's throwing off the numbers? Ok, I'm going to hit the Publish button before I hurt myself trying to figure this out. Know that these seem better but maybe I'll do a side by side comparison on the strawberry?? 

Verdict?  better than their sundae cups!
Buy Again?  yeah

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