Saturday, November 17, 2018

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Pint Slices

[New for 2018] As much as I love ice cream, I do admit that there are times where I am more interested in cataloging something instead of eating it. Take these pint slices for example. I never doubted that they would be tasty so I just never had an overwhelming urge to try them (especially since I bought them right before reducing my chocolate intake by 94%). I guess what I am trying to say is... do you ever buy something just for the sake of checking it off the list?

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Pint Slices
cherry ice cream bars with cherries & fudge flakes,
covered in a dark chocolatey coating

I love the wrapping on these. So often I complain about boring, unmarked white wrappers and these pint slice wrappers are the exact opposite of those. Companies need to show that they care about making me want their treat. Yes the wrapper goes in the trash, but I'm still going to stare at it as I unwrap the treat.

Looks good right? This is actually the one my daughter tried first way back at the end of June. Sorry, I'm not trying to pull back the blogging curtain too much, and 95% of the time I review something as soon as I buy it, but on occasion things sit around way too long (occasionally for good reason). If I remember right, she liked it but didn't love it. I still have two more of these sitting in the fridge, so I should probably try one myself right?

I take a few bites..... and it tastes exactly as you would expect. My only nitpick would be that I wish it had more texture to it. For whatever reason, I want it to crunch more, but that's just me, there's nothing wrong with these bars.

So, to my completest friends, have you tried all the pint slices?

Verdict?  fine
Buy Again?  not my thing right now


ibagoalie said...

I am constantly buying limited edition things, just because I want to 'try' it. I usually don't want the entire bag/box/pint/etc. There are times I wish I worked in an office so I could leave the remaining in the break room.

Anonymous said...

Tried a flavor or two of these. Solid ice cream, thought the chocolate shell should have been more premium feeling for the price.