Thursday, September 27, 2018

Edy's Creamy Chocolatey Cores Ice Cream

[New for 2018] Time for another Edy's core flavor.... yay? I bought all three together in March (for the sake of instagram) and I kind of regret it. I knew I wouldn't love them, but I thought at least they might tempt my daughter in to helping me eat them. Yeah, no. She's apparently hit her breaking point with Edy's texture (even the grand stuff) so I guess I'm on my own with....

Edy's red velvet core
creamy chocolatey cores with swirled red velvet & vanilla light ice creams

I don't even want to force myself to eat this one right now, but I know I should....

It's June July September now and I really need to get this stuff out of the freezer already. Look, if you don't have a problem with Edy's slow churn texture and if you like red velvet flavoring, then sure, this will suffice. It's definitely red velvet, albeit somewhat mild, but I just don't like this flavor profile in an overly smooth texture like this. There are no cake bits here to break that texture up either. The chocolatey cores are a bit of a saving grace thankfully. They have a certain textural heft to them that helps break things up a little. The cores also have a decent taste so I won't knock them there.

Alright, let's open the floor to your thoughts on Edy's core flavors: Did you try any of the five flavors? Did you repurchase any? Are you hoping for more varieties in 2019? These obviously are not my thing, so chime on in with your thoughts.

Verdict?  as expected
Buy Again?  nah

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Karubah said...

Have to agree about the Edys texture. It just has too much of an artificial fluffy feel.