Sunday, September 30, 2018

Museum of Ice Cream Pinata Ice Cream

[New for 2018] Incase you missed it, there's a lot of hate out there for these lackluster Museum of Ice Cream Pints. People have an (understandable) bone to pick with something that basically bills itself as amazing and fails to deliver. My question to you is though, does that mean it tastes terrible? It can be easy to both underwhelming and terrible, but I'm not sure we have that here.

Museum of Ice Cream Pinata Ice Cream
vanilla ice cream with iced animal cookies,
frosted cupcake bits, fizzy cotton candies, and rainbow sprinkles

Yes it looks extremely lackluster...

And yes, it kind of is lackluster, but just like with the Vanilla pint, it's not an actual bad flavor. It doesn't deserve the branding or the $4.99 price tag, but it's not something you spit out either. It's got this fun cotton candy flavored sprinkle flavor to it. I say it that way because it's not a direct cotton candy flavor, but more of a cotton candy candy flavor. I hope that makes sense.

I had about one serving when I left the store and another one about three hours later. The first one only had one cotton bit (shown above on the left) and then I found three more at the mid point of the pint. That is pretty frustrating in what should be a fun pint. Also, I found the blue and purple pop candy but no signs of any sprinkles. Oh yeah, the pop candy doesn't actually pop. And I can't tell any difference between "iced animal cookies" and "frosted cupcake bites". You will definitely be disappointed when looking for something exciting on every spoonful, but there is a distinct cotton candy flavoring that infuses every bite. Yes, it's very mild, but it's there.

This pint would have a much better rep if they tripled the mix-ins. I will not argue that, in many ways it's a huge failure, but how often do we get cotton candy flavoring in an ice cream? Is this pint half full or half empty? I guess it's all perspective.

Note: If you want a cotton candy flavor that actually pops, check out Friendly's version.

On Second Scoop: I just can't hate this ice cream. I'm sorry, I know mob rule says I should but I just can't. They messed up a lot here. There is no popping and no sprinkles (except on the coating) but I just like the flavor despite the non-premium texture. It's different. It's not worth five bucks, but I don't hate myself for buying it either. I'm glad I tried it (for four bucks). Yes it confirmed this line up is junk, but at least it's mildly amusing junk. Thoughts?

Verdict?  mildly tasty failure
Buy Again?  if it was 2 for $5 maybe!


Alek said...

That looks sad! How ironic! A museum of Ice Cream is all about ice cream and they fail to give us lots of mix-ins. They should had used Graeter's as a supplier partnership because Graeter's mix-ins is planet sized and plenty of them. I bet this will be kicked off the shelves soon because people has been complaining about the lack of mix-ins and not a good base.

On a unrelated note I sampled the bacon maple bourbon flavor that Tipsy Scoops made at Bacon & Beer fest. UGH! It was awful. It like eating butter literally and no bits of bacon to be found.

Anonymous said...

I expected a lot more color? It's a cool concept, but it be better with more of a vibrant funfetti appearance.