Saturday, June 2, 2018

Red Dawn Monster Mutant Slurpee

Everyone knows why Deadpool's suit is red, but do you know why his Slurpee is red? Hmm, yeah, that's not funny. Better question, why is the 7-eleven website useless? I just wanted to verify if this thing has caffeine or not.. The mutant site isn't any better... ok, the regular soda has caffeine.. wait, you stopped reading already didn't you?

Red Dawn Monster Mutant Slurpee
(cherry flavored) - wait, there are four other cup designs?

I feel like I tried mutant soda at one point, but all you really need to know is that this tastes like cherry mtn dew. I mean more artificial cherry than real cherry, but that's the gist of it. I was a little scared after the first sip because I thought this was going to taste like every other fake citrus slurpee, but I did like (tolerate) it more once I had several sips in me.

Still with me? Ok, this is really just a filler post because it's quite humid and I don't feel like sitting here forever. I would like to give you an update on what's in the post pipeline (once it cools off). I just picked up the last Trio, so there's that. I would like to talk about the return of Steve's Ice Cream at some point (should probably do this next). I still have a ton of Blue Bunny stuff to cover (what they sent over as well as me picking up the Load'd Sundaes on my own dime). I also have a topping review and one more triple-filled review to do. I also just picked up another pint of Big Gay Ice Cream, and I still have the Cherry Garcia pint slices waiting, but there's not a whole lot after that. There's just not a ton of things left that I am hunting for except one other Trio'politan flavor (I've literally found it, but I need a place close to home to carry it)

The truly biggest thing I want to get done is a 2018 product guide. Yes, you could just scroll through the last 5 months of reviews, but I really want a single post that you can reference and see how you are doing in your quest to try everything 2018 has to offer. But seriously, I've let myself push this off again and again and now it's June. I don't want to give up this tradition, though if anyone wants to chime in and say it doesn't really help anymore, I am open to thoughts and comments.

P.S. Feel free to leave suggestions about what you think I haven't covered yet.


Chris Invierno said...

I'd love to see your takes on Ben & Jerry's non-dairy line. To my knowledge they don't try at all to market themselves as low calorie or healthy, just vegan. I know it's not technically ice cream, but I've really enjoyed the almond brittle and 7 layer bar flavors and I'd be interested in your takes.

Dubba Scoops said...

Yeah, I should try at least one of the two new 2018 flavors. The problem is the nut factor, so I can only try it at work, but it's probably about time to give it a second chance. I'm thinking the cinnamon bun flavor?

here's my original review from 2 years ago