Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Edys Triple-Filled Salted Caramel Cores Ice Cream

[New for 2018] Just let me throw out a quick apologize for getting behind in reviews here. I'm trying to kind of round robin through the various companies so everyone gets time but I'm not keeping up. This is one of six reviews in the queue... so let's get started. Now, who would have thought that the #3 would be so cool this year? H-D Trio, Turkey Hill Trio'politan, and now four Triple-filled flavors from Edy's (Dreyer's). It's like the royal blizzard from DQ times three. Why didn't I say it's like Ben & Jerry's core flavors? I have no idea.

Edys Triple-Filled Salted Caramel Cores Light Ice Cream
salted caramel cores with swirled caramel & vanilla light ice creams

Maybe not the best shot, but I scrape the lid and am shocked by how powerful the caramel is. It's definitely ooey-gooey and Werther's level flavor here. My plan was to just take a small serving before bed but now I'm not sure.... no no, now I need to know how it tastes.

Hmmmm. The swirl is easily the best part here. It's definitely salty but not crazy salty. It's strong caramel first with a decent side of saltiness. The base isn't nearly as exciting. I really wish there was a mix-in here. I jokingly said to myself that I need to pour the quick melting light ice cream on some caramel popcorn. It might work on a nice breakfast sundae too, though Edy's light ice cream texture will take a bit of fun out of it.

That's all I got on this tiny first serving. Well, that and I should point out a strong lingering salty flavoring that's probably not going to help me sleep. Not sure if I want chips or water to help me move on (yes, salty chips seems like the wrong choice but that doesn't stop the thought from popping in my head).

On Second Scoop: Technically I did two servings that turned in to decent chocolate caramel milkshakes, but that judges flavor, not texture. Tonight I just had a small bowl, and while I still appreciate the Werther's like flavoring, man I hate Edy's light ice cream texture sometimes. Can I go back to milkshakes now? I have another core flavor in the basement freezer too.

Verdict?  good cores need to be stuck in better ice cream
Buy Again?  nope


Anonymous said...

When I saw this in stores I couldn't help but laugh. The "cores" craze was not only started years ago by Ben and Jerry's, but it is now fading, and Edy's is now just coming out with their line of "cores" flavors. Talk about late bloomers.

Dubba Scoops said...

HAHAHA I'm trying to think of a trend where they weren't super far behind.... Load'd maybe?

Unknown said...

I'm trying to get the salted caramel at my local store but since super value took over for over 2 weeks no ice cream I want to know how to order direct.....thanks

Dubba Scoops said...

To be honest, I expect this to be the last year of the triple filled cores. With no new flavors in 2019 and their availability getting less and less, we very well may not have them in 2020.