Thursday, April 12, 2018

Burger King Frosted Frozen Coke

[New for April 2018] Thanks to a tip from Anne, I headed over to the BK website to see that they now have Frozen Fanta Lemonade (what I assume is basically a lemon ICEE), a frosted frozen fanta lemonade aka frosted lemonade aka trying to steal Chick-fil-A's thunder, and....

Burger King Frosted Frozen Coke
frozen coke blended with soft serve

Don't ask me why it's "Frozen Coke" instead of Coke ICEE now, but no matter. All I care about is the hope that this will taste like my beloved ICEE float from seven years ago. Oh how I have pined for that mystical treat from long ago.

Will this be just as good? Nope. Sorry. The blending process loses a bit of the magic that held the original treat together. If you want to get all science-y about it, the energy that goes in to mixing the coke and the soft serve has to go someone, and in this case, it goes towards melting the frozen coke. Instead of the two halves keeping each other cold, the more liquidy coke effectively waters down what should be a funner texture. It still has the basically flavoring of a coke float, but I set the bar too high by hoping it would be an icee float.

Now this wasn't a total loss at just two bucks plus tax, but I personally won't be racing out to try it again. If you do get it, make sure you get it with some salty fries or sandwich to make sure you get the best experience possible. Side note: this just came out and the first place I went to had stickers up that said "Gone for now" which I assume means they haven't gotten it in yet. Happy hunting!

P.S. Just to be clear, this is not a "fizzy" beverage like an ice cream float.

Verdict?  not the same
Buy Again?  I'll probably try the lemonade version at some point


Anne Sutton said...

I have a few Burger King gift cards that I've been wanting to use so I had hoped this Frosted Coke was going to be dynamite enough to spur me on to use them up soon. After the review, I won't exactly be racing out to get one. I'm more likely to try the Frosted Fanta to see how it stacks up to Chick-fil-A. I love their Frosted lemonade and actually found myself liking the Frosted sunrise more than you did (although not as much as the Frosted lemonade). Right now I'm more likely to go back and FINALLY taste the frosted coffee because I read this inspiring review:

Now I know coffee is not your thing so frosted coffee wouldn't be high on your list. Speaking of coffee ice creams, Baskin Robbins IRS Tax Crunch ice cream is TO DIE FOR if you like coffee. It even uses a Kona coffee. The swirl is very much like a fabulous moose tracks, and it's delicious!

I have to tell you that I've been liking the Wal mart generic ice cream more and more recently. It's a steal for the very low price. I'd eat it any day over the dairy dessert fluff out there.

Anonymous said...

We tried the frosted frozen lemonades while in Arizona and loved them. Why arent they in Canada? They rock. Yummy.

Unknown said...

I actually enjoyed the frozen coke...a lot! Thought the blend was just perfect. Refreshing coke, with not too much soft serve in it. Just enough to make it a good mix!

Anonymous said...

C. Hier I was so excited to try the lemon frosted Icee tonight in Aberdeen South Dakota. First they told me they only had orange Fanta and Coke. :( So I had to settle for the orange. When I got it it was nothing but a regular Fanta Orange Icee! So disappointing! They serve ice cream, so I'm wondering why they can't make the frosted Icee. They have it on their sign outside, but they apparently aren't serving it.

Dubba Scoops said...

They probably just misunderstood and gave you the wrong thing, it is drive thru after all. It's that or the soft serve machine was on a maintenance cycle, so they gave you a regular one hoping you wouldn't notice.