Sunday, July 16, 2017

Turkey Hill Blueberry Ice Cream

[New for 2017] Disclaimer: blueberry ice cream is not my thing. Ok, I say that about a lot of things, but it's just not something I gravitate towards unless there is an x-factor like pie crust bits. That said, I wanted to try at least one more of the new flavors in Turkey Hill's all natural line up.
(Note: this line up is what I eat when I'm not eating/reviewing something new).

Turkey Hill All Natural Blueberry Ice Cream
blueberry ice cream

I scraped the lid after taking this shot and decided to make myself a shake because it seemed to have a fairly mild flavor. I wound up getting the ratios wrong but the milkshake was decent if a bit too weak. Sorry that the color looks different in each picture, the next one is probably most accurate.

Fast forward to a real serving, albeit a small one. Well, there's no mistaking that it's a blueberry flavor. The only problem is that I have no urge to eat plain blueberry ice cream. I want it to have some sugar crumble or pie crust or granola bits or anything. I don't know how to eat blueberry ice cream.... WHOA, just had a huge flashback to eating blueberry smurf yogurt. That's what this is though, it's a good blueberry yogurt, just colder (and with better texture).

To summarize the gibberish. It's a fine blueberry ice cream, I just have no urge to eat plain blueberry ice cream.... it'd probably be really good on a donut tomorrow morning...

On Second Scoop: Oh my was this good on a donut. It went so very well together. The strawberry sauce and Trix crumbs helped round things out. This was an absolutely delightful breakfast sundae. I may be eating the rest of the container like this.

Verdict?  everything as expected
Buy Again?  not really my thing


Danielle said...

I'm def gonna try it bc I love this line, but salted caramel is still my all time fav from the all natural line up

Nick T said...

Your breakfast sundae makes me want someone to make a blueberry cake donut flavor. Ben and Jerry's should get on that.

Anonymous said...


Yes! Salted Caramel is my favorite too! All natural ingredients. Love it!
I think it would be even yummier(lol)...if Turkey Hill made a Blueberry swirl. Same Blueberry ice cream but maybe mix it with pure vanilla ice cream. Kind of like their Orange Cream Swirl. Otherwise, I do love this Blueberry flavor! Add Reddi-whip topping for a super creamy blueberry taste!

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate creativity, but I think these ice cream companies need to understand that just as "Classics are classic for a reason" other flavors are non-traditional, not classic for a reason also.

They just don't work.

I love blueberries, but a big part of my enjoyment of them is from the texture of chewing on them, and the fresh juice bursting in my mouth.

You get that experience with pancakes, waffles and muffins made with fresh blueberries.

This is just sweet cream ice cream infused with a smidgeon of blueberry juice.

Not appealing at all.

Anonymous said...

So damn good, I love it... one of my new favorite flavors... hats off to the people at turkey hill. very appealing.

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying this flavor most of the summer. It's perfect on fruit pies and cakes not overpowering - a nicely balanced delicate blueberry ice cream that compliments other flavors.

Anonymous said...

I was at the market today and it was priced low with a notice that said it will be discontinued. Is this true? I really like it.

chucksfo said...

I, too, noticed this flavor taken off the frozen dairy shelf at only one store at first, then another, and finally a third. In a panic, i called Turkey Hill (from the third supermarket late at night) and left a very long and desperate voicemail. To my surprise i received a return call the next morning and they explained to me that the flavor has not been discontinued, but most likely the stores i shopped at were no longer being supplied by their local distribution centers this flavor. She told me i should bring it up and make a request with the frozen dairy manager at my store (December, 2018).
Well, here it is 6 months later and nobody has listened to my plees. One manager even tried telling me (incorrectly) that it was a seasonal flavor like eggnog. If you're desperate you can order it online from the Turkey Hill store and they'll ship four 48oz containers of the stuff in 2 days packed in dry ice for ONLY $80+.
I'm lucky enuf to live 2 hours from the Turkey Hill store in PA and have decided at that price, i may as well go pick it up myself and save about $70. At least i can squeeze in a Turkey Hill Factory Museum tour once i get there. I think I'll call ahead to avoid disappointment as my luck would be showing up on a day they were out of stock.
ICE CREAM ADDICTION IS REAL, FOLKS!! So you may as well eat the flavor you enjoy most!

Dubba Scoops said...

multiple grocery store chains is often our only refuge, I personally have not seen their regular chocolate chip flavor in several months.