Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cumberland Farms Toasty S'mores Ice Cream

My home ice cream selection doesn't do me much good at work, so I often wander off to find myself a treat. I've already tried most of the new 2017 stuff, so sometimes I have to improvise. And sometimes when you improvise, you grab the 2 for $7 deal.

Cumberland Farms Toasty S'mores Ice Cream
dark chocolate flavored chunks, chocolate covered graham pieces
and a toasted marshmallow swirl in graham cracker flavored ice cream

You know it's going to be interesting when the giant puddle of marshmallow is sticking the the pint seal. The chunks look more like chips but seem fairly plentiful.

I take a small bite and while the texture is terrible, the flavor is surprisingly good. Wow does that taste like graham crackers. That's kind of amazing. It's rare to get that much graham flavor without  going too heavy in to the spice category.

The chips may seem small but the full size ones are about a quarter inch square. We've also got chocolate cover graham bits that are about the size of a squished pea. Yeah, that's not a good visual. Let's just say that they aren't huge and they aren't square.

Sorry, I ate the graham bits out of this shot. I'm purposely leaving the big puddle of marshmallow there so I can get a little bit of it with every bite to make sure the flavor stays balanced.

This is definitely a sweet ice cream. The texture is still fairly terrible. It's very low quality unfortunately. It's not gummy, but it feels way too much like frozen ice. This flavor profile in a super premium would be killer. Thankfully the texture improved a bit as I went down, but not by a lot.

The urge to crush this pint is pretty strong but I'm stopping before I hit the halfway point. Man do I love the graham flavor here. The marshmallow swirl is pretty nice too. It's not excellent per say, like I wouldnt just down it all by itself, but it goes well with the graham if you pace it out. Nice added texture from the chocolate components yet at no point will the chocolate factor feel overpowering. Sure, it wouldn't hurt for them to add a bit more chocolate, but I think the current ratios are pretty nice as is.

On Second Scoop: Despite the poor texture, I'm still enjoying the flavor of this one. The graham seems to have a little bit more bite on follow up scoopings, but overall they did a nice job with the flavor profile. If you are big graham fan like me, I would at least give this one a try if you happen to be in the northeast.

Verdict?  bad texture, good flavor
Buy Again?  I might actually

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Brad said...

The texture leaves a lot to desire across the line. I tried their Salted Caramel flavor after reading your review and it certainly is tasty. Just "icy".