Saturday, January 14, 2017

Stewart's Shops Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Ice Cream

[By Nick] It seems like oatmeal cookies are finally getting some love in the ice cream world. After Ben & Jerry's killing off Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, the market was pretty barren in the oatmeal depart. In the past couple of years, Hershey's and Talenti both put out there own respectable options. Now there's a limited time option perfect for winter time out in the ice cream world.

Stewart's Shops Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Ice Cream
Oatmeal flavored Ice Cream with a Cranberry Swirl and Oatmeal Cookie Streusel

Come on, this flavor just sounds far too unique not to try. I have never heard of an oatmeal cranberry cookie but hey, I'm always for trying new things.

The ice cream itself is amazing in flavor. I don't use that word all that often but this one deserves it. The base is very oaty with strong notes of cinnamon and brown sugar. It tastes just like milk dunked oatmeal cookies! They really replicated that flavor perfectly.

The flavor of the streusel is very close to the base but the texture is nice. It's crunchy yet crumbly at the same time. I wish it was a bit bigger but there's a bunch of the streusel throughout the pint. They really knocked the oatmeal cookie vibe out of the park with this one.

The cranberry swirl is a bit of a let down. The flavor is beyond mild and with how strong the ice cream is, it gets lost easily. That might be a good thing because this ice cream really doesn't need a swirl.

It's been awhile since I've been really impressed by a Stewart's flavor but this one is worth multiple purchases while it's still around. Here's hoping we'll see more creative flavors from Stewart's this year!

Verdict?  Like dipping oatmeal cookies in milk
Buy Again?  Easily


Anonymous said...

Where do they sell these? Is it regional? I've heard of Stewart's soda...

Danielle said...

A few years ago, the Girl Scouts had an oatmeal cranberry cookie which was really good. I don't have any Stewarts near me, I'd love TH to recreate this, being I adore their swirls!

Dubba Scoops said...

Very regional, some 300 stores but based in New York where many of the stores are located. They aren't actually related (though the logos are very similar)

Anonymous said...

Dang, can't find any info on grocery chains that carry it, only scoop shops. I'm in northern CT but will drive for ice cream.

So what, are they like the New York Cumbies? That reminds me, I gotta try their ice cream. Hopefully their apple pie wasn't seasonal :)

Dubba Scoops said...

correct, it's only in their own stores, and I believe what you do is order a cone or a hand packed pint for some of the flavors that Nick has reviewed. There are several Stewart Shops on the New York side of the CT and Mass borders, those will be your closest options.

Jacana28 said...

Not sure where to post this....I didn't want to post on an old post from years ago. Just got the limited edition turkey hill Box of Chocolates and its a totally different version what was reviewed on this site. The mix ins are different. Personally (being an ice cream lover) I was unimpressed. Would be it possible to do an updated review?

Dubba Scoops said...

most of the time it is best to post on the original review because then the next person who sees the review will see your comments.

indeed that review is quite old. I do try to update reviews when the opportunity arises. I have been meaning to pick that one up again for a couple of years now but it usually comes out when the market gets flooded with all the new stuff so unfortunately it gets pushed way down the list. I will do my best to pick up a container this year.