Monday, October 17, 2016

Whole Foods Apple Pie Ice Cream Bars
 and the Nosh Show Episode 89

[New for Fall 2016] Hello Nosh Show listeners! Episode 89 is live and when you get to the end, I mention a product that hadn't won me over just yet. As everyday items continue their assimilation into the worlds of pumpkin and apple (before an explosion of peppermint products hit us), it's nice to see apple and not just pumpkin invading the freezer aisle.

I just noticed something while cropping the photos. Sure the limited edition tag has leaves around it, but look at the scene on the top part of the box, it has sleigh rides and snowflakes? We all know apple is a fall flavor so... are they just recycling designs or will we see these until January?

Dye free wrappers :)

Crooked stick

I bite in and it's a bit of a weird experience. The bar appears to be an apple (pie) flavored sorbet middle with a coating of a vanilla-ish, ice cream like substance. It's not terrible but it's not the most pleasant thing either. It's like someone froze a half hearted attempt at an apple pie milkshake. Ok, that's a little rough but I'm having trouble deciding if I like this or not.

Hey, they cheated! The apple core dwindles as you go down the bar leaving us with the so-so vanilla part. I'm not going to say much else at the moment though because I want to try to let these temper next time to see if it helps at all.

On Second Scoop: Several days and have passed and I'm finally trying another one of these. I let this one temper a lot (aka dripping a little and sticking to the wrapper). The good news is that it helps with the outer shell, especially if you savor it and don't just chomp in to it like I am so found of doing. I get what they were going for, but I have a question: Why would I want this over something more enjoyable like JC's Caramel Apple Crumb Pie Pop? Some kind of crumb coating is definitely needed here to help balance out that apple core that was still quiet icy. At the very least, mix the two sections because being clever and being enjoyable aren't necessarily the same thing.

Verdict?  texture troubles
Buy Again?  unlikely

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Alek said...

I think the best concept would be dipped in a pie crust coating. Swirl the apple core with the ice pop to get the real vibes