Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Price Chopper Black Raspberry Blast FDD

Time for a... Random Review!

Price Chopper Black Raspberry Blast Frozen Dairy Dessert
black raspberry flavored frozen dairy dessert
with raspberry filled confection hearts & chocolate flavored flakes

Not a bad start with the hearts already poking through.

I take a few bites and ask myself "Why did I buy this again?"  I mean that. It's so light and airy that it's kind of sad at how little black raspberry flavor it conveys to my taste buds. That is really weird. I assume that it's just a really mild flavor which is muted again by the texture. This is the frozen dairy dessert equivalent to cotton candy. They must have jacked up the air content in exchange for trying to keep the gum and stabilizer count down.

Man this stuff is weird. It even kind of has that sugary sweetness of cotton candy (or maybe I just planted that thought in my head). This is so not ice cream.... or maybe it's just really the wrong flavor for this type of texture. It might be fine with vanilla or chocolate. It's just striking me super weird right now. Yes, weird has been stuck in my vocabulary right now.

Try again: there is this odd, lingering bite to the flavor profile that is sitting in an unpleasant spot on my tastebuds. It's something akin to being too sweet. Maybe it's just the filling from the hearts, but I'm done for now. We'll try again tomorrow.

On Second Scoop: The texture wasn't as shocking the second time around but now something else is bugging me. There is something odd about the flavoring. There seems to be a heart in just about every spoonful which is cool, but there is this lingering something that is annoying me. By the third scoop, I was more use to this product, but it's still a budget product.

Verdict?  odd
Buy Again?  nah

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