Monday, May 16, 2016

Are Limited Oreos Double Stuf?
  aka The Nosh Show Episode 78

Greetings Nosh Show Listeners, Episode 78 is live and guess what we argued about this week? OREOS! Why wouldn't we argue about Oreos! Nothing groundbreaking, but at one point Ryan was trying to bring up the point of why the limited edition flavors never say "Double Stuf" on them. I could be wrong, but I thought limited edition Oreos were double stuffed, they just didn't say it.

So the limited edition Oreo is in the middle there, doesn't it look more like the double stuf on the left than the regular Oreo on the right? I think so. Most limited edition Oreos have always looked bigger than a regular Oreo to me. I could be wrong, don't quote me on it. What do you think?

Update: As requested by Technosquid, I used a limited edition Oreo that has just a single flavor inside. Thanks for the idea as it proves my point even better than the first comparison!

If you want more Oreo news, Junk Banter has it all, like Fruity Crisp Oreos!


Technosquid said...

I thought I remembered this being mentioned on the show some months ago, and being met with general agreement, which is why I was surprised to hear everyone disagree in this episode. I'd love to tell you which episode, but since almost every show has oreo talk, I don't think I'd be able to track it down. My problem with your exhibit photo is that the limited edition oreo you're showing is the S'Mores, which is the only one to my memory which actually used two layers of creme. If there's one which is most likely to reach the level of 'double stuf" it would be that one.

There was math teacher's blog post that gawker and huffpo picked up on a few years back, which calculated the ratios in the double and mega stuf oreos. I don't know if you're right or wrong, but if you're gonna prove your case, I suggest a scientific method.

Danielle said...

I always assumed the Oreos were regular, but now that you lined them up they look more like the double stuffed ones! I found the Smores Oreos this week at the store and bought them, thinking "Didn't I have these already?" Oreos have gotten that out of control so I bought them anyway haha

Dubba Scoops said...

@T: ha! you know, I had the same reservations about my example. I will crack open the red velvet oreos and do a re-shoot.

@D: just about through a package of 2016 s'mores Oreos and I can't help but think I am enjoying them more this year.

Anonymous said...

There are more calories in limited edition oreos than regular. That should settle this debate--they clearly have more creme in them!

Dubba Scoops said...

HA! That was my original line of thinking when I decided limited edition were double stuf, but the visuals make it an easier sell :)