Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Whole Foods Caramel & Sea Salt Italian Gelato

[By Nick] Well we covered Whole Food's store brand ice cream in both pints and half gallons. Now it's time to check out their line of gelato!

Whole Foods Caramel & Sea Salt Italian Gelato

Okay, that exclamation point was a little bit unnecessary.  ‎Basically everyone has a gelato line including most grocery stores so it was only a matter of time before Whole Foods got in on the action. I want to say they released the line either late last year or early this year but that's all semantics at this point. Seeing as sea salt caramel is the trendiest of all gelato flavors, I guess that's where I have to start with this one.

Honestly, I have low expectations going into this one. Let's be honest, "gelato" that comes from these kinds of packages aren't all that promising. Thankfully this isn't Breyer's or your typical store brand so maybe Whole Foods won't mess it up... too badly.

It looks like just about any other sea salt caramel option on the market. Surprisingly, it tastes like the majority of them as well. It's really nothing special at this point. It's a good flavor with a nice balance of sweet and salty but nothing stands out to me over other brands.

The sauce is where the majority of the saltiness comes from with the base being a bit more buttery. The sauce doesn't add much in the way of texture either which is a shame. Thankfully, this isn't some airy product like other brands. It's denser than typical ice cream but I'm not going to call it gelato. It's right in the middle of a mainstream brand and something like Haagen-Dazs. It's a nice texture and definitely reminds me of a good ice cream. Gelato however, it is not.

At like $6 a container, I can't see me grabbing this one again. I'm not really likely to try any of the other flavors to be honest. The hazelnut did have my eye but I feel like that'll leave me disappointed. I think I'll just stick with the half gallons to review from now on.

Verdict?  Nothing new
Buy Again?  Nope


Alek said...

Made with insulin?! This looks like Breyer's gelato. Trader Joe's should come out with a line of gelato and would be 100% better. Since they test the products before hitting the shelves.

Dubba Scoops said...

Inulin, not Insulin :)
used to replaced sugar, fat and flour

Trader Joe's had that sea salt caramel gelato but I don't think we've seen any other flavors since then. http://www.onsecondscoop.com/2014/11/trader-joes-salted-caramel-gelato.html

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised with the high remarks. I tried this flavor earlier this year and have to return it. The flavor was super strange and hand a funky aftertaste.

jillypax said...

I just tried the Limoncello gelato flavor and while the flavor was very good - very fresh real lemon-y tasting - the texture was definitely NOT like a gelato. It almost tasted like a fluffy light ice cream texture-wise, not at all like the dense creamy mouthfeel that real gelato should have. But I could see plopping a scoop in a fizzy liquid for a nice refreshing summer beverage...

Unknown said...

I brought home some Hazelnut today and it was very yummy. At $6 for the 30.4 oz. container I think is a good price compare to paying $3 or $4 for a serving at a gelato bar. I might try some of the other flavor so.

halcyon said...

Just tried the Cookies and Cream. I'd call it icy rather than creamy. Very disappointing for $7. Also splurged on a $10 pint of Jeni's that I hate. Guess I'd better stick to what I know is good, which has the extra benefit of being cheaper!