Friday, July 17, 2015

Friendly's S'mores Ice Cream

[New for Summer 2015] With so many companies putting out their summer flavors from previous years, it's nice to see Friendlys giving us something new. This one even donates part of the proceeds to Easter Seals Camp Friendly's program. Win Win!

Friendly's Camp Friendly's S'mores Ice Cream
artificially flavored toasted marshmallow ice cream
 with dark chocolate flavored flakes and a graham cracker swirl

I know it's hard to tell, but I like that the color is off white. I'm so tired of "toasted" marshmallow flavors that are blinding white. Sorry, getting hung up on visuals as always.

Ok, I already snuck a few bites as I was scooping myself a bowl but let's grab a few more. Ok, definitely marshmallow flavor. Enjoying the swirl. Chocolate Chips to finish it off. I know this won't shock you, but I like it ofcourse. Come on, when do we not like a smores flavor here?

Sorry, but I kind of finished off my small bowl before typing any more thoughts. I could blame the fact that it seemed to be melting fairly quickly, or I could blame my addiction to graham swirls. Either way, it's gone and I'm happy. Is it perfect? No, I wouldn't go that far, but I'll definitely be repurchasing it.

What's bugging me? Well, not bug, but keeping this from perfection? Well, one is the texture. There's almost a bit of... gumminess or something strange going on here. I actually checked the container to make sure it wasn't a frozen dairy dessert. The other thing a little off is the flavor. It's not perfectly balanced, but when it comes to graham, I don't need perfection, I just something good, and we have that.

Ok, I went back to the container for a few more bites. There's definitely an airiness to the base ice cream that's unlike their regular premium ice creams. It's just a little too unnaturally smooth. (ahhh, most people won't notice this, just being me here).

Favorite part? Well, I really enjoy the swirl. It's not to dry, not too sugary, not too sweet, just squarely in the middle and very pleasant. Part of me wants to eat it while it's intact, but there's a neat bit of magic that happens when the swirl blends evenly with the base. It just really comes alive with texture and flavor and those are probably the best bites.

On Second Scoop: Oh man, I am so full of s'mores ice cream right now (a reward for some late day mowing). I am addicted to graham swirls and this one has that. What can I say. Overall a nice flavor. Definitely an overall s'mores vibe to it. Maybe not dead on, there is a bit of fakeness to it, but it's still in a happy place. I'm not really describing anything am I? Basically it has enough of everything, enough swirl, enough marshmallow, and enough chips so you won't feel jipped. My only suggestion here is to let it melt a bit because like I thought yesterday, once the graham spreads out a bit, things really start to pop, at least if graham is the main reason you came to this flavor. Definitely buying this one again.

*Name shortened to "S'mores" for 2018

Verdict?  Nice
Buy Again?  Ofcourse


Anonymous said...

Is there a difference between flakes and chips?

Wish I had Friendly's here, but I'll have to stick with Kroger's version (which has a fair amount of crunch for an ice cream).

Dubba Scoops said...

Semantics really. They are a decent size in this instance, I should probably photograph a few of them.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps not a big deal, but I love the cool packaging design of this container!

Dubba Scoops said...

@Stride: def agreed, definitely gets your attention, night sky is my favorite part

SchenectaDana said...

What is the swirl? Liquified graham cracker magic? Actual graham bits drizzled in? Strange concoction of...something...that tastes like graham?

Dubba Scoops said...

@Dana: it's not straight up graham, but not a liquid either, it's in the middle. Not too salty or sugary. Middle of the road as I say too often.

Lauren said...

I bought 2 of these when they were on sale hoping they would be good. I too love a graham cracker swirl. So excited you reviewed and liked them.

Surfer Sandman said...

I just bought this today. I love it just because it makes me want to repurchase it and there just aren't many Friendlys products that I like, outside of their Birthday Cake flavor.

Giffords Campfire Smores is my favorite but Gelato Fiasco's Toasted Marshmallow takes the top prize.

Anonymous said...

Giant has Friendy's for $1.99 this week so I bought this flavor, Rockin' Poppin' Cotton Candy, & Vanilla Pineapple.

Ramdom said...

This is very good, you should buy it if its available. It didn't ;last a day at my house.

Unknown said...

This is delicious you need to keep it all year round the best ice cream hands down

Anonymous said...

My friend Bill gets this ice cream. Today is his birthday so I thought I would share his experience with this flavor in an effort to advocate for it's year round availability.

This is his favorite ice cream in the world. The man can't sleep unless he's got that sweet grahm cracker and smooth marshmallow tucking him in at night.

ThepThe Bill has is that this flavor has limited availability at our local grocery stores. Bill is on top of the situation and has built up a supply in his freezer to prevent him from running dry.

However, because Bill has been building up his supply, many others are not able to enjoy this flavor. I think this flavor could become a full time staple if others had the opportunity to try it. I know that Bill is not alone. My brother Adam has been turned onto the s'mores situation and has himself a little stockpile in my parents freezer.

The problem is that nobody has a chance to try it out! Make this ice cream year round Friendlys!!

I also think Bill would be happier if this flavor was available year round.

For Bills birthday, lets make this happen.

Unknown said...

The most God-awful ice cream I have ever had. Tossed the rest of it down the drain.

Dubba Scoops said...

Try to be more specific when making comments like this. Was it a texture issue (possible freezer burn) or was it a flavor issue?